Guardian Angel (Ashton Irwin)

" I will never leave you alone " he whispered to me
" why do you care " I asked bitterly, he didn't answer me, he just pressed his lips on mine .


5. Out with Luke


sorry if this chapter is short it will get better ;)

my clock alarm woke me up a few minutes ago I have to get ready for later Iuke will pick me up I get out of the bed and head directly to the bathroom I really like taking a shower in the morning I just love the sensation of warm water running on my skin, after my shower and after that i dried my hair I got changed into a ripped black skinny jeans and a baseball tee shirt I always wear long sleeves I don't want people to notice my scars, they'll just judge me, they don't even understand .

I go down to the kitchen and prepare myself some toasts, maybe I should just eat an apple I'm already too fat a voice in my head say well go for it Mia, I just eat the apple
after all the boring morning routine, I  sit on the sofa and wait for luke, I have nothing better else to do anyways
time is passing by fast I glance at the my phone, WOW already 4:56 pm time, Luke should be here in a few
I hear a car engine and my phone beeps
* I'm outside ;)* from luke
* kay :)* from me
I make sure I grab my keys and put on my converse and storm out of the house 

he's leaning against his car door frame 
" hey " 
" hi " I hugged him awkwardly 
he smiled and opend the front seat door for me,
he drove down the road in slince not the awkward one, he's a stranger to me but somehow he seemed to be nice to I know nothing about him and he know nothing abou t me I meanhe could be a serial killer, psychopath okay stop Mia 

" we finally here " he smilled he pulling off in front of the mall .God if he only knew how much I hate malls, you only see girls doing thier shopping here like ths skinny bitches from school. I catch Luke staring at me " what's wrong" he asks, he must of notice something is off, " nothing" I shrug my shoulder, he's trying to be nice and I don't to sound rude, I smile " you know what, plans changed, let's go eat I'm starving " his face truen into a grin " I smile once again and nod " sure" 


we back into Luke's car and drove off


" you didn't eat anything" Luke says, we ordered some pizza with baccon and 2 hambourgers 

I grab a slice of pizza, and smile sarcastly at luke 

we talk about pretty much about  everything, he's trying to ease the tension I don't want to sound awkward

in the last few hours I spend with him, I've noticed how cute and adorable Luke was, it's like he has no worries pretty much like a little kid,I wish I was like him, Happy, I drift in my though like I always do 

" Mia?" Luke interupts my thoughts, "huh?"    

" any hobbies ?" he asks, yeah he was talking about his hobbies 

" uhmm I don't have much hobbies, but I love drawing" I reply simply 

" nice, uhm what do you draw? can you like draw someone, me?" he asks

I chuckle and reply " I usualy draw whatever crosses my mind, but yes I could try " 

He flashes a huge smile, and nod 


it's 9pm now, Luke and I are walking back to his car, the weather is could and he gaves me his jacket what a gentlman 


I open the door to his car, but I froze there, this guy standing accros the street who's facing me, I have this strange feeling, I've seen him before his the man who wearing a black hoddie and black skinny jeans, but this time I can see him better he has curley hair, I can see his face but I know it's him, I quickly get and the car 


" are you alright? " Luke asks sounding concrned " your pale " I don't know why I'm scared " yeah I'm good " I tell him trying to convince him 

what is he doing here, is he like following me? maybe he's observing me? what if he's a psycopath or something? or maybe it's just a coincidence ? 


we arrive, and I thank Luke for all the good time we had 

" we should do this more often " he smiles, I nod and thank him once again. 


I grab my keys and open the door, it's dark outside, great, nobody's home, I sigh and take off my shoes I go upstaires to my room, I take off my clothes and decide to take a shower I really need to get the stress out, tommorow I have to go back to shcool and I can tell it's going to be a long, long day .


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