Guardian Angel (Ashton Irwin)

" I will never leave you alone " he whispered to me
" why do you care " I asked bitterly, he didn't answer me, he just pressed his lips on mine .


4. Going out isn't such a bad idea

it's been two weeks now since my suicide attempt and since then my mom and haven't been on a good relation, I didn't have to go to school, but I will soon have to go back, it's a saturday and I'm already up I got changed and prepared myself, I'll be meeting my cousin Olivia in a few oh yeah ever since my attempt mom has been obliging me to do some activities with olivia. 


I heard the door knock,rushing to the door  " hey " I opened it, she  smiled and hugged me, I huged her back before closing the door " you ready? or should I wait " she asked scaning me " no it's fine I'm ready " " qre you going out like this ?" she asked checking me up and down, I was wearing jeans with a hoodie and converse no make up on " yeah why ? " I frowned at her question she sighed before speaking again " Mia, where going out and we'll probably meet some guys, how do you excpect to acctualy meet someone when all you do is being lame and boring I don' t want  to offend you but why don' t you pu on something else like something attractive you know  " she said , I gave her a glare " unlike you I'm not into fashon, I just grab clothes from my wardrobe not really bothering to see if i acctually look attractive, i like it simple and non noticeble " I said getting a bit frustrated 

" kay I justed wanted to help" she pouted " well your not, let's just go now please " I just want to get out and get back home quickly 


( skiping to the resturant part )

"mia, mia " she kick my foot under the table " awtch " " shhhhhhh keep it down, look at the guy in front of me he's been staring at you since we arrived here " she murmured to me " yeah whatever olivia " i'm not in the mood " what ? are you kidding me ? he's soo hot " her voice rose a bit causing the waitress to look at us i just smiled at her and gave olivia a death glare, she smiled back and olivia couldn't help but laugh, her laugh always makes me smile she's full of life always happy unlike me I'm always in my corner not very social and grumpy 

i was caught up in my taughts about olivia happyness, until some one spoke up " ummexcuse me, can I talk to you for a second ?" I look up to see this tall blonde boy that olivia has mentionned earlier, i look up from him and glanced quickly to olivia as if asking her what to do she nodded her head " yeah sure " I stood up following him outside obviously he wanted to talk in private, " yeah sure" I agreed fllowing him outside, he held the door open for me to go out first

"  I'm luke " he introuduced himself awkwardly " I'm mia " i smiled  " pretty name for a pretty girl" he lughed, was he being serious me pretty?  "so Mia I was wondering if you want umm would want  to go out somewhere some time " he asked nervously " yeah, why not ?" i shrugged my shoulder and his lips formed into a huge grin " cool, so let exchange numbers and I'll call you, yeah ? " I nodded and gave him my number he did the same " okay luke so see I'll see you soon okay ?"

"  yeah " he smiled once agin before i walked back in awkwardly  

" what was that ? did he acctualy asked you out ? did you guys exchanged numbers? she was asking me a million questions at the same time " no, he just asked me if we can hang out sometime? and why were you watching us " i said, I saw her watching me through the glass doors " I wasen't" she defended " Olivia, I saw you " I laughed " okay maybe a little" she said sarcastly, i rolled my eyes, and stood to go and pay " where you going? " she asked " to pay "  I already paied let's go " she smiled

" when did that happen?" i  asked frowning " while you were talking to the mr cutie outside " she teased

" no way, why did you do that I'm the one who invited you " I stared to gather my bag " I wanted to " she wincked at me and headed toward the doors thanking the waitress handing her some money I just followed behind 

we reach her car " are you gonna go ? if he call you " she calrified her question " I dunno " i replied bluntly i'm not really used to hang out with guys espically with someone i just met 


 after that olivia drove me back home where I was left alone once again, and I was so bored 

I sat on the sofa in the living room trying to find something to watch 


         suddenly my phone beeps 

* Hi ;), Mia how are you ? * from luke 

* good thanxx YOU?* from me

* same :3 , do you have any plans for tomorrow !??*

* ummm no * from me

* wanna go for bowling if you want :)* form luke

*I would love to ;) * from me

* great :D when do you want me to pick you *

* pick me up at 5pm ;) I'll send you my adress " from me 

*okay ;) * from luke 


I smile at the messages luke has sent me, maybe going out with Olivia wasn't such a bad idea, he seems to be a nice guy and I have to admit he's good looking too, well I guess I'll see how things go tomorrow .

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