Guardian Angel (Ashton Irwin)

" I will never leave you alone " he whispered to me
" why do you care " I asked bitterly, he didn't answer me, he just pressed his lips on mine .


1. First attempt


 I sat motionless on the bathroom floor watching my blood painted wrist, as I look through the bathroom I catch my reflexion in the mirror facing me a single tear escaping my eye .how did i let this happen I once was happy full of life and now i'm just a mess a worthless mess
I've been self harming for too long now that I can't even remember if feels like it been since forever I've been thinking of attempting a suicide I even wrote a note for mom I don't know if she'll read it once I'm gone, she's always been busy,   I even left one for dad in case that as. hole came back I wrote down on it everything I think of him and how much I hate him and love him at the same time how much i hate him for leaving me and how much I miss him and love him and wish he was there for me but I can't change things 


*beep* my phone rings I got a message from mom " hey sweetheart I'll come home late tonight so don't wait for me, love you '' " kay love you too " I reply back tonight's the night I gonna do it I'm gonna leave this cruel world 


take the pills from the bathroom cabinet and head to my room I swallow them and lay on my bed the room is dark but I don't care even thought I've always been afraid of the dark. my stomach is aching now but I try to ignore the pain as a peaceful sleep took over me. is this death? it's so peaceful.
 " Mia" I hear someone shout my name and shaking me, but I can't wake up, I feel weight on my eyelids I can't open them .



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