Demons And Angels

Jayde Rogers was an angelic child. She never did anything bad and was always doing what she was told. She was bullied because of an eating disorder she had due to a tragic childhood memory. Her father was always doing charity work and was never around. She had no friends and was moving around a LOT. One day, what happens when her path crosses with another person's who isn't exactly heaven's angel?


8. Chapter-8

Jayde's POV
Chrion had given me these binders that had different choices for different things in the cabin like the walls, flooring, beds, lighting, ECT. I was currently digging through the flooring one on the couch of the REC room when Nico walked in. "I brought you lunch." He said handing me a Styrofoam To-Go box. I opened it up and a small salad with a roll was in it. "Thanks." I said placing it to the side. He sat down next to me, looking at the binder that sat in my lap. "I like that floor." He said pointing to an image of a piece of cherry wood flooring. I smiled and nodded agreeing with him. I circled it like I was told to do when I found something I liked and placed the binder down, sighing as I did. "Can you hand me the next binder in that stack?" I asked, pointing to the stack about a foot away from Nico. "Why don't you ever eat?" Nico asked as he handed me the binder. "I'm just never hungry." I said rather quickly, trying to avoid the topic. "No. Really. It's not healthy. I should know." He said, concern written all over his face. "I'm telling the truth. I'm just never hungry." I said, flipping through the pages of the binder. "Whatever. I'm gonna go train." Nico said before getting up and leaving. I almost called after him but I decided to let him go. I set the binder down beside me and got up. I walked out of the big house and towards the beach. I sneaked past the demigods playing in the water and went into the woods by the beach. I walked though the trees, occasionally dodging a tree branch. When I reached the top, somebody was standing at the edge of the small ledge. I silently walked up behind them and hugged them from behind. Nico jumped slightly and turned around, realizing it was me. "I'm sorry. I didn't want to tell you the truth. I don't want you to think of me as a freak." I mumbled into Nico's shirt. He wrapped his arms around the small of my back and put his chin on top of my head. "It's okay. You don't have to tell me unless you want to." He said quietly. I pulled away from the hug and sat down on the edge, pulling Nico with me. "Okay. When I was five, my best friend was murdered in front of me so I stopped eating and formed an eating disorder called Anorexia." I explained. He must have known what that was because he pulled me towards him in a hug. "I never tell anyone because my health teacher went over it one day and said if you know anybody with Anorexia to get them help and that they have to be watched 24/7 and I didn't want that. I don't wanna be watched or forced to eat food." I said on the verge of tears. "Shh. I won't tell anyone. I promise." He said. He pulled me onto his lap and started rocking me back and forth so I would calm down. I buried my face into his shirt and let him rock me until I almost fell asleep. "Tomorrow, I'm gonna take you swimming. How does that sound?" He asked when I took my face away from his shirt. I smiled and nodded. "Good. I'll pick you up from your cabin tomorrow a little bit after lunch okay?" He asked I nodded and stood up, Nico standing with me. "Okay. How about we head back?" Nico asked. "Yeah. I'm a little tired." I replied, stifling a small yawn. Nico led me back to the camp and towards the Hermes cabin. "See you tomorrow!" He said before walking off to his own cabin. I opened the door to see Travis and Connor talking. "What's up guys?" I asked, plopping down on top of Travis's bunk beside him. "Where have you been all day?" Connor asked me. "Designing my cabin." I said shrugging. "Okay. Travis over here got really worried." Connor said smirking. "Shut up." Travis said punching Connor's arm. "Okay well, right now all I need is some sleep." I said making my way over to my sleeping bag. Travis laughed as I buried myself into it. "Shut up. I'm tired." I said sleepily. I was pretty comfy in my tee and leggings so I didn't feel like changing. I slipped off my shoes and threw them at the two boys. "Oi! You don't get these back now!!" Travis yelled at me as he caught my shoes. "Crap. Oh well. I brought another pair of shoes that are in my bag at the bottom of my sleeping bag." I said smiling. "Well we're gonna go to campfire. See you later." Travis said to me as him and Connor walked out the door. "Bye! Wait Travis! Can I sleep on your bunk till you get back? I don't like the floor." I called before he went out the door. "Sure. Bye!" He called before closing the door. I crawled out of my sleeping bag and crawled under the covers of Travis's bunk. I felt more relaxed as I fell asleep. Most likely because I wasn't on the floor tonight but I drifted to sleep easier than normal. 
I had no dreams which was weird. I wasn't used to the feeling of not being terrified as I slept so when I woke up not sweaty and nervous, I was confused. I was being woken up by Travis returning from campfire, wanting his bed back. "Fine. But just know you woke me from the comfort of not having nightmares." I said as I sleepily trudged over to my sleeping bag. I buried myself in it and soon drifted to sleep again.
"Jayde! Wake up!" Travis's voice yelled into my ear. I sat up quickly, my hand flinging towards him, slapping his face. "Oh. Sorry Travis." I said yawning slightly as I stretched my arms. "Get ready. You can't sleep all day." He said pulling me to my feet. "Fine." I said sighing. I changed into a black strapless one-piece with a camp half-blood tee and jean shorts over it. I slipped on my hightops that I got back from Travis and pulled my hair into a bun. I skipped breakfast and went to the arena. I trained for a while until Nico came to get me. "I've decided to come get you early to go swimming." He said as we exited the arena. "Okay. I got dressed this morning so I'm ready to go when you are." I said as he led me towards the beach.

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