Demons And Angels

Jayde Rogers was an angelic child. She never did anything bad and was always doing what she was told. She was bullied because of an eating disorder she had due to a tragic childhood memory. Her father was always doing charity work and was never around. She had no friends and was moving around a LOT. One day, what happens when her path crosses with another person's who isn't exactly heaven's angel?


6. Chapter-6

Jayde's POV
Nico took me strait to Chiron. I'm assuming when you're claimed and nobody knows who your godly parent is, that's bad. He led me into the Big House to where Chiron was playing some type of card game with Mr.D. "Chiron, we have a problem." Nico said, worry in his eyes. He let go of my arm and went up to Chiron, explaining the problem. Chiron just sat... Er stood and listened as Nico explained what had happened. "Ok. Judging from what I've heard you've been claimed by a minor goddess. I'll send you and one or two others up to Olympus to sort out the problem, Chiron said facing me so I assumed he meant me. "Okay... Um.. I choose Nico and Travis I guess." I said, taking a sudden interest in my shoes. "Okay. You shall leave after dinner today." Chiron informed the two of us before returning to his card game. I walked out, Nico behind me. "So what's the plan?" He asked me as we walked back to my current cabin. "I dunno. We walk up to Olympus, ask about the glowly, floaty thingy, then leave." I said while we approached the cabin door. I opened it up, revealing Travis, Connor, and some girl with feathery crow black hair, dark chocolate  eyes, and pale skin. She wore a black tank top, black shorts, and black combat boots with socks that went up to her knees. Her tank top revealed a crow tattoo on the back of her right shoulder. An interesting fashion statement but she seemed to make it work. "Sup?" I asked as I entered. "Nothin. Jayde, this is Koro. Koro, Jayde." Travis said introducing the two of us. I smiled as she shook my hand. She seemed pretty friendly but something was off about her. "I'm Koroneis but just call me Koro." She said, still smiling. Her name seemed to ring a bell inside my head but I couldn't figure out from where. Probably something stupid my dad told me when I was younger. "Travis. We're going to Olympus tonight to figure out what god claimed me." I said as I made my way over to my sleeping bag. I dug out my bag from the foot of it and dug around until I found my special necklace. I clipped it around my neck with Nico's help and hung out with the other four people in the cabin until it was time for dinner. 
While everyone ate dinner, I practiced sword fighting in the arena all by myself. I was hacking away at the six remaining dummies when another three people walked in. From what Nico's told me, I shouldn't mess with uglies 1-3 A.K.A Clarisse and two of her sisters, daughters of "Hey look! It's a new kid! Let's show her who's boss!" Clarisse shouted to her buddies. I wasn't exactly dressed for fighting in my black leggings, flowy black tank top, hightops, and my hair tied into a bun on top of my head with a bandanna. I picked up my sword and ignored her, rolling my eyes and turning back towards the dummies. I hacked one's arm off before she shouted at me again. "HEY! Don't ignore me!" She ran up to me, her sword in hand. I deflected it easily, causing her to fall to the ground. I snickered and started to walk off. "Oh... You think this is funny do ya? I'll show you funny!" She shouted before knocking me to the ground. She kicked me in the gut before I could stand up again. I stood up and tried to walk away but she continued to attempt to attack me. I put my hand in front of me and a bright light flashed, blinding uglies 1-3. I ran off while they were distracted and met up with Travis and Nico by Thalia's tree. Chiron led me to a two-person car while he explained how to get up to Olympus. "And if he doesn't let you up after you say you have to meet up with the gods, just mention Nico's a son of Hades and they attract lots of monsters." He said as we stopped in front of the small car. "Okay. Travis you drive, Nico and Jayde just squeeze in. Normally we have vans but they're being used to deliver strawberries." Chiron said as Travis walked over to the driver's side. "Good luck!" Chiron said before galloping away. Nico got into the car before me so I had to crawl onto his lap, causing us both to blush madly. I shifted around on his lap before I got comfortable, so I leaned back onto his chest. "Getting comfy over there?" Travis asked smirking as I started to drift to sleep while I listened to Nico's steady heartbeat. I pushed his arm lightly, not hard enough to effect his driving but enough for him to feel it. "Oi! I'm driving!" He exclaimed laughing slightly. I smiled sleepily and just curled up on Nico's lap even more. "I'm tired." I groaned, burying my face into Nico's chest. "I can tell." Nico said softly, followed by a small chuckle. "Shut up." I said softly. "We'll be there in about a minute or two." Travis said suddenly, making me sit up slightly. "Okay." I said yawning. When we got there, Nico opened the door on our side and I climbed off of him and out the door. "Oh thank the gods! My legs were starting to get numb." Nico said. I stared at him until he started laughing apologizing saying he was kidding. "You're mean ya know." I said pouting as I crossed my arms over my chest. Both boys laughed as we entered the building. I walked up to the guy at the front desk. "We need to go up to the 600th floor please." I said politely, smiling sweetly. "There's no such thing." The man said in a monotone voice as he flipped the page in his book he was reading. "Ya know, my friend Nico here is the son of Hades. A child of the big three. Whatever. Do you happen to know how many monsters he attracts by staying in one place?" I asked him in a serious tone, leaning onto Nico's shoulder. The guy's eyes widened but he covered it up by handing me a key. "Make sure nobody is in the elevator with you." He said quietly. I nodded and walked to the elevator with the two boys behind me. I inserted the key to a slot in the elevator and pushed the 600 button. It took a minute or two but we finally reached the top. When the doors opened, I couldn't explain the beauty of what was in front of me. We walked down the beautiful marble pathway lined with stones to the palace. We pushed open the doors and took in what stood in front of me. The twelve Olympians sat on their thrones, each ten or twenty feet tall. I looked around the room until I picked Zeus out from the rest. He had a neatly trimmed black hair with a matching beard. His eyes were bright blue like Jason's and he had a perfect tan. He wore a black pin-stripped suit and a stern look on his face. "Lord Zeus. I need your assistance." I said loud enough to interrupt his conversation with who I assumed was Hera beside him. He looked annoyed but allowed me to approach him. My shoes squeaked slightly against the marble flooring as I walked up to his throne. "I've been claimed at camp by a goddess but nobody knows whom so I was sent here by Chiron." I said strongly. "What did it look like? I might be able to help but there ARE hundreds of minors gods and goddesses." He said. I explained the angel wings surrounded by soft clouds. Hera's head perked up along with Zeus's. "Oh ummm... I might know that goddess..." Hera said quietly. "Who is she?" I asked suspiciously, narrowing my eyes at the goddess. She looked nervously at Zeus and they had a silent conversation. Finally, Zeus cleared his throat. "That goddess is Noel, my daughter. She's the goddess of angels." He said to me.

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