Demons And Angels

Jayde Rogers was an angelic child. She never did anything bad and was always doing what she was told. She was bullied because of an eating disorder she had due to a tragic childhood memory. Her father was always doing charity work and was never around. She had no friends and was moving around a LOT. One day, what happens when her path crosses with another person's who isn't exactly heaven's angel?


5. Chapter-5

Jayde's POV
"Hey Nico!" I said as he came up to me. "Hi Jayde. Can I show you something?" He asked me. "Sure." I replied smiling. I placed my bow and quiver where they belong and let Nico take me where he wanted to go. He led me past the beach and into a forest. We were walking through the trees when we came to an opening. It was a large field. I walked onto it and over to the edge. You could see the entire camp from here but from camp you wouldn't be able to see it. "This is amazing. Thanks for taking me up here." I exclaimed to Nice, causing him to chuckle. I walked up to him and kissed his cheek, making him blush furiously. I giggled before sitting on the edge, looking out at all the people doing regular camp activities such as archery, canoeing and stuff like that. "This view is beautiful, does anyone else know about this?" I asked. "Not that I know of." He replied, taking a seat next to me. I leaned onto him, causing him to tense up, but after a few seconds he relaxed. We sat like that for a while until I wanted to go back. "Can we go to the beach sometime soon?" I asked Nico as we were dodging tree branches while we walked back to camp. "Sure. But it may have to wait a bit.  My dad is having me do a lot of stuff lately." He told me. I nodded. When we reached the opening, there were a few demigods playing in the water so we had to sneak around them so they wouldn't find our hiding spot. "So who's that new kid you were talking to earlier?" Nico asked after a while. "His name is Ryan. He's a new kid." I told him as we continued walking. "Speak of the devil." Nico mumbled as Ryan ran up to me. "Hey Jayde. Who's this?" He asked pointing to Nico. "This is my friend Nico." I said introducing the two. "Pleasure to meet you." Ryan said holding his hand out towards Nico. Nico kept his hands folded over his chest so after an awkward moment, Ryan pulled his hand back. Out of nowhere, a glowing dove appeared over his head. The campers around us, including Nico, got down on their knees as someone called out, "All hail Ryan, son of Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty." Nico had to pull me down to get me to kneel but when the glowly thingy went away, everyone stood up. A bunch a perfect looking girls started squealing and surrounded Ryan. Poor kid. They eventually let him have space and led him to their cabin. I laughed as he looked back at me, a pleading look in his eyes asking for help.
"Let's go do something." Nico pleaded me, tugging on my arm. We were standing in the Hades cabin because we were both bored. "I don't wanna." I complained, plopping onto Nico's bed. Hazel was in here too so she laughed at me. "I'm go gonna find Frank." Hazel said, standing up from her bed. "Okay. See you later." Nico called out to her as she left. She waved at us before walking out the door. "Can we at least leave this depressing excuse of a cabin?" He asked me, attempting to pull me off his bed. "Ugggg... Fine. I guess so." I said groaning. He pulled me up and took me outside. We were walking when all of the sudden, Nico stopped. "What's wrong?" I asked, turning to face him. He was looking just above my head so I looked up. There was a glowing picture of angel wings, surrounded by a cloud. "Who's that?" I asked Nico. "I don't know." Was all he said in response.

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