Demons And Angels

Jayde Rogers was an angelic child. She never did anything bad and was always doing what she was told. She was bullied because of an eating disorder she had due to a tragic childhood memory. Her father was always doing charity work and was never around. She had no friends and was moving around a LOT. One day, what happens when her path crosses with another person's who isn't exactly heaven's angel?


4. Chapter-4

Jayde's POV
I had heard demigod dreams were terrible but I didn't know they were this bad. I stood in a maze, bushes around twenty feet tall stood all around me in the dark night. Every other ten feet or so there was a dim torch. I looked down at myself and noticed what I wore. I had a strapless black dress that stopped about mid thigh in the front but flowed to the ground in the back. I wore black ballet flats and my hair... well it looked like I was from the 20's. I had a short black dagger that hung loosely from my side. I looked around when I heard the scuffling of a lot of small feet. I looked behind me and noticed thousands of beady red eyes staring back at me. I froze. I knew what they belonged to. I hated the nasty creatures. I was deathly terrified of them. I turned and ran. They had the same idea and chased me. I pushed my lungs so that I could run faster. I ran into a two way crossroad. One way was left. One way was right. I hand popped out of the bush wall in front of me and grabbed my arm, pulling me into it. I fell into someone's chest, my breathing heavy from running. The person pulled me tighter to them and I started to wonder, "Who is this?" I looked up, and right before I saw their face, the scene changed. I stood in a room flooded with light this time. My eyes took about two seconds to adjust then I realized where I stood. I was five again. I was inside my old elementary school by the girl's bathroom with my friend Lana. She was the same age as me but an inch or two taller. She had VERY black hair that went in a braid down her back. Her eyes were startling green and her skin was fair. She normally wore a long sleeve, leggings and a tutu with her slip-ons. For a five year old, she had style. We stood frozen in front of a man holding a bloodied knife. We had gone to the bathroom together when a lock down happened but we didn't know as we were in the restroom. We were walking back to the classroom when the man approached us. He stood, locking eyes with Lana. She  trembled slightly but held her ground, then he lunged. He stabbed her in the chest, making her limp body fall to the ground. I screamed, making the officer who was around the corner run towards me and tackle the man. I dropped to the floor and hugged Lana's limp body. A few moments later, a paramedic crew came in and attempted to pry me from my dead friend but failed. They eventually lifted me off of her and onto a separate gurney to take me to the hospital with her. The man was sentenced to death and even if Lana hadn't died while in the school, she died before reaching the hospital. That was the day I stopped eating and became Anorexic. "JAYDE! WAKE UP!" I heard a voice yell at me. I shot up, breathing heavily with tears stained on my face. I looked around to see Travis, Connor, and Nico kneeling in front me. Nico held my hand and Travis was inspecting my face. Connor was kneeling behind Travis, looking at me with concern. "W-What happened?" I asked wearily. "You were screaming... First about shadows, then about someone named Lana I think?" Nico said with a questioning look on his face. I nodded, biting my lip to avoid crying. "Hey, Hey. You're okay now." Nico said pulling me into a hug. I hesitantly hugged him back, not very comfortable. When he pulled away, Travis helped me stand up so I could get ready. I pulled on an orange Camp Half-Blood tee Travis let me borrow, some light-wash jeans, and some Vans with a light, and my black varsity jacket. I put my hair onto a bun on top of my head and put on a small amount of mascara. I walked into the main section of the cabin where Travis sat on his bunk. "Ready to go to breakfast?" He asked me. "I'm not that hungry." I told him. He nodded in understanding then walked out, in the direction of the mess hall. I walked out around ten seconds after he did and began towards the training arena. I had wanted to learn sword fighting and archery but thought I would do sword fighting first. I went into the arena and saw one of the kids from yesterday there... Jason I think? Yeah. Jason. "Hey Jason... You good at sword fighting?" I questioned as I walked up to him. "Yeah... Why do you ask?" He questioned smiling. "I need to learn so I don't die." I told him. "You got a sword?" He asked. I shook my head 'no'. "Ok. Let's go see Leo about that." he said, still smiling. He took my arm and led me towards the Hephaestus cabin. he knocked twice before the door opened to a grinning Leo. "What can I do for ya?" He asked. "I um... I needed a sword, and uh... Jason told me to come to you for help." I said, nervously rubbing my arm. "Sure. C'mon in." He said cheerfully. I followed him into the dimly lit cabin. After about an hour, Leo had made me a perfectly fitting sword for me. Jason and I had raced back to the arena where we started training. 
By lunch, Jason had taught me how to properly use a sword in battle. He forced me to go to lunch so I followed him to the mess hall. I sat beside Travis and Connor who were currently trying to get some new kid to play poker with them. "Don't do it." I told the poor kid. He looked at me graciously, smiling. I then took a closer look at him and took in his features. He had light brown hair and honey brown eyes. His skin was sorta pale but it was sorta tan too. He was wearing a black tee and jeans with converse and a light, thin jacket over his shirt. He looked to be about 13 or 14, so around my age. "I'm Ryan." He told me smiling. "I'm Jayde." I said returning the smile. We started a conversation and it turns out we have a lot in common. He had the same taste in a lot of stuff that I did such as music and art. At the end of lunch he had to go to Greek lessons but I had to go to archery so we went our separate ways.

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