Demons And Angels

Jayde Rogers was an angelic child. She never did anything bad and was always doing what she was told. She was bullied because of an eating disorder she had due to a tragic childhood memory. Her father was always doing charity work and was never around. She had no friends and was moving around a LOT. One day, what happens when her path crosses with another person's who isn't exactly heaven's angel?


3. Chapter-3

Jayde's POV
The bus pulled into the school parking lot. Nico and I were the last ones to stand up. We both walked to the front of the bus when a hand grabbed my arm. My head spun quickly around to see the bus driver gripping my arm. I yanked my arm away as the driver said, "Wait just a moment you two." He said in a deep raspy voice. "Um... Okay..." I said uneasily. I couldn't exactly explain it but this dude was giving me an uneasy feeling in  my stomach. He turned around for about two seconds before looking back at us. His once wrinkly face with sunken brown eyes was now replaced with yellow-pasty skin that shined like scales and black eyes. His hair turned from a few gray strings on top of his head to fire. My eyes widened in fear and I stumbled backwards towards Nico. The weird creature's used to be human body erupted in flames then quickly went out, a scaly body took it's place. Nico muttered something in a different language under his breath and pulled out a black sword I never noticed before and charged it. He attempted to attack it but with us being in a small space, he couldn't do so well. "Nico! I think if you hit this cable and we can run away fast enough!" I yelled at him. He yelled back an 'okay!' before swinging his sword to cut the black cable I had pointed to. The door was still opened so we both dashed out of it. The foul beast attempted to follow us but the bus erupted into flames before it could, instantly killing it. I was an experienced runner from exercising every day so I just dashed off at full speed, leaving Nico running a lot slower than me behind. I ran all the way to my house before I finally stopped. Nico arrived at the house panting as much as I was about one minute later than I had. "How... do... you run... so... fast?" He asked in between heavy breaths. "I... exercise... ever day..." I said panting. I stumbled into the door and flopped onto the couch. "So... tired..." He gasped. I quickly had gotten over running so far and fetched the two of us water. I didn't really drink much but Nico gulped down his entire glass. "So you wanna explain why we had to blow up a bus to avoid being killed?" I asked as Nico finished his second glass of water. "It would be better if Chiron explained so I'm gonna have to have you come with me back to camp." He said. I looked at him with disbelief. I was ok with my life if there were no school and bullies in it but I still didn't have the heart to leave my father behind like that. "I-I don't know... I just can't leave my dad behind like that..." I said uneasily. "Leave me behind? What are you talki-" My father suddenly said but stopped mid sentence as he saw Nico sitting on the couch. "Is it time already?" He asked in a low voice. "I'm sorry to say so, but yeah... It's time." Nico said to my father. My father looked very sad but told me, "Go pack up your stuff. Don't bring ANY electronics." in a quiet voice. I silently stood up and trudged to my room confused. I grabbed my messenger bag that still hung over my shoulder and emptied it. I grabbed some jeans, leggings, sweatshirts, and tees and threw them in. I grabbed my sketchpad and pencils and threw them in. Once I had finished packing, I walked back to the living room to see my dad and Nico in a deep conversation. "Are you sure she'll be safe?" My dad asked Nico. "Yes. I'll get her strait to camp and then the borders will protect her from there." He responded. I walked into the room, making their conversation stop instantly. "I'm gonna miss you so much..." My father said, pulling me into a tight hug. I hugged back, still unsure what was going on. He pulled away and walked into his room. I watched him go then turned to Nico. "Let's go." I whispered. He nodded, sensing my sadness. He took my hand and ran into the shadows of the wall beside us. Cold. That was what I felt. Cold, dark, and fear. I could hear voices whispering horrible things in my ear when light flooded my vision. It happened so quickly I didn't have the chance to scream. I fell from mid-air into what seemed like a lake. My dad attempted to teach me how to swim when I was five but failed. Terribly. I started sinking quickly so I started freaking out. I held my breath for as long as I could until I couldn't stand it anymore. I breathed in, my breath instantly filled with water. I started choking, making it worse. I saw a hand reach over my face, then I blacked out. 
I opened my eyes but instantly shut them again. The light in the room was so bright, my eyes were now hurting. "Somebody turn off the sun..." I groaned. "She's fine." I heard Nico's voice say. "Nico shut up." I said as I slowly opened my eyes. I blinked a few times before my vision cleared. I saw Nico, a boy with a tan, black shaggy hair, sea green eyes, and an orange tee on, and also a man in a wheel chair. "Ok. Who's kelp-eye dude and the man in the wheelchair?" I asked, attempting to stand up. I got dizzy and throat started to hurt. "Oi! I feel like I'm drowning!" I yelped. I coughed slightly then buried my face into my pillow. "It's because you were drowning." Kelp dude said. "I know this. I don't know why I still feel like this." I complained. "You probably have some sort of sickness or something. I dunno. WILL!" Kelp dude called out. A new boy came into view. He had shaggy blonde hair and pale blue eyes. His skin was pretty tan like kelp kid and he wore a Montauk beach tee with cut-off shorts. "Yeah?" He asked. "She said whenever she tries to stand, she feels like she's drowning again." Kelp kid informed him. "Yeah. That's gonna happen for a couple of days. Sorry to inform you, but you'll be stuck here." Will said. I groaned and pushed the blankets over my head, covering the rest of my body. "You ok?" Nico asked. "I don't wanna be in a bed for a few days..." I moaned. "Could we give her anymore ambrosia or nectar... or maybe unicorn draught? I still  have some." Nico said to Will. "We might be able to risk the unicorn draught but no ambrosia or nectar." Will said. "Great. So I can move without feeling like I have water filling my lungs?" I asked. "Maybe. But to do so you'll have to drink powdered unicorn horn mixed with sanctified water from the Little Tiber." Nico informed me. "Not more water..." I moaned. "What's wrong with water?" Kelp kid said, hurt in his eyes. "His dad is he god of water." Nico explained. "Oh... Well you see kelp kid, I sorta almost drowned so it might be natural that I don't like water." I explained, the sound muffled through the pillow. "My name isn't kelp kid... It's Percy." He said, once again looking hurt. "Here. Drink this." Nico said, handing me a flask with some sort of liquid inside. I gulped it down quickly, instantly felt better. I sat up, not feeling as sick anymore but not feeling as bad as before. "Oh thank the gods I'm not chocking on water anymore when I move." I said, dramatically sighing. I heard a faint chuckle and rolled my eyes at Nico, who was the one that laughed at me. "Ya know... It's not nice to laugh at people sir." I say to Nico. "So now my nickname is now sir?" Nico asked smirking. "Yes. Yes it is." I said, swinging my legs over the side of my bed. I used my strength I still had to stand up and stretched my legs. "Oh it feels good to stand up! Oh wait... My legs are falling asleep." I said, sitting back down. "Why are you so weird?" Percy asked. "Because I am. Now leave me and my weirdness alone." I said pouting. After a couple more minutes, My legs had woken up and I could walk around. I had a small headache but I was otherwise fine. Nico gave me my bag with my clothes and showed me to the bathroom. I changed into a pair of black leggings and an orange tee like Percy's he gave me. I slipped on my black varsity jacket over it and put my hair into a braid down my back. I laced up my hightops and walked out of the cramped restroom. I found Nico tapping his foot as he stood by the exit. "What're we doing now?" I asked, slipping the strap of the old bag over my shoulder. "I have to show you around the camp then your current cabin until you're claimed. Then it'll almost be time for dinner." He informed me. My stomach turned at the thought of eating food. "Ummm... Okay. Let's go." I said smiling. 
"This is the Hermes cabin. You'll be staying here until your godly parent decides to claim you." Nico told me. It was an old wooden cabin with peeling green paint. There were sleeping bags and junk scattered all over the floor. I pushed an empty bag of potato chips to the side of my walkway with my foot. "Oh boy!" I said with fake enthusiasm. He chuckled slightly at my actions. "TRAVIS! CONNOR! ANY ONE HERE?" Nico yelled out. A tall boy with brown hair and blue eyes walked in. "Yeah Nico? Oh... NEW KID!" He yelled and ran towards me. I flinched when he pulled me into a tight hug. Nico had to pry him off of me before he stopped squeezing the air from my lungs. "So I assume she's undetermined." The kid said. "Yeah. Okay so it's almost dinner, so make sure she socializes because she's terrible at it. Got it Travis?" Nico said to him. Travis. So that's who he is. "yeah yeah yeah. She'll be fine." Travis said smirking. "Okay. Jayde, whatever you do, do NOT play poker with him or any of his siblings." Nico warned me. "Oi!" Travis explained laughing. "Okay Nico. I'll see you at dinner!" I said smiling. He waved at me and walked out the door. As all the other kids flooded into the cabin, the sound in the distance indicated it was time for dinner. Travis and his brother Connor had everyone line up to where I was last. We had gotten to the dinning hall and because I didn't want to eat, I got a few grapes but ended up sacrificing them. I sat in silence as the groups of people around me chatted as they ate their food. When we went on to the campfire, I stayed in the shadows all by myself when Percy walked up to me, girl behind him. She had perfect honey-blonde curls of hair and stormy gray eyes. Her skin was perfectly tanned. She wore an orange shirt similar to mine and his with denim shorts and tennis shoes. "Hey Jayde! This is Annabeth, my girlfriend. I wanted to introduce you to my other friends! Come on!" He explained and dragged me over to a group of about five or six people, Nico included. "Ok guys, this is Jayde. Jayde this is Frank son of Mars, Hazel daughter of Pluto, Piper daughter of Aphrodite, Jason son of Jupiter, Leo son of Hephaestus, and you already know Nico." Percy said smiling. Hazel and Frank were obviously together as well as Piper and Jason. "Hi." I mumbled quietly. I waved slightly then folded my arms together over my chest. "Hi! Wow! Your eyes are amazing. They go well with your complexion and hair color." Piper told me. She had choppy brown hair as if she had cut it herself with a bright blue feather in it. Her eyes looked like a kaleidoscope and her skin looked similar to an Indian's. She wore a loose blue tee and baggy jeans with sneakers. "Thanks." I said quietly. I sat with that group for the rest of the night, sitting a few feet away staying silent. Hazel finally walked up to me. She had cinnamon brown curly hair going down to about her shoulders. Her eyes were a really pretty shade of a goldish color. She wore a loose black tee with a red flannel shirt unbuttoned over it. Her jeans were darkwash and she wore sneakers. "Hi Jayde. Is something wrong?" She asked. "No. I'm just not very social." I said, pulling my knees to my chest. I was sitting down on the grass so Hazel plopped down beside me. Frank noticed her absence and came over here with us. "Hey Hazel. Jayde." He said to us, sitting down and wrapping an arm around her waist. "Hi." I mumbled softly. "She's pretty shy." Hazel explained. I smiled softly but it quickly faded. Frank was a pretty tall dude with black hair and brown eyes. He was really buff and a LOT taller than Hazel. He was still a good half foot taller than me while sitting. Did I mention he was tall? While Hazel and Frank started a deep conversation, I got up and left to the Hermes cabin. Nobody seemed to notice me missing so I decided I would exercise instead of sitting around doing nothing. I jogged around most of the Camp twice then went to the arena. I did some push-ups, sit-ups, and jumping-jacks. By the time I was finished, it had gotten a lot darker outside so I went strait to the cabin. "Hey Travis." I whispered due to the sleeping bodies laying on the floor. "Where have you been? Nico's been worried." He told me smirking. "Oh. Sorry about that. I was getting in my daily exercising in." I explained as I made my way over to my sleeping bag. I sat down and put my legs inside of it. "You exercise that long daily?" He asked, eyes wide. I giggled softly and nodded as I laid down. "Goodnight Travis." I said in a tired tone. "Goodnight." I heard him whisper back before my vision went black.

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