Demons And Angels

Jayde Rogers was an angelic child. She never did anything bad and was always doing what she was told. She was bullied because of an eating disorder she had due to a tragic childhood memory. Her father was always doing charity work and was never around. She had no friends and was moving around a LOT. One day, what happens when her path crosses with another person's who isn't exactly heaven's angel?


12. Chapter-12

Jayde's POV
After breakfast, Nico had archery and frankly, he sucked so I went with him. "I don't want you to see how bad I suck though." Nico complained as we reached the archery range. "It's okay. I mean, I suck at somethings... Like socializing. Also when I first did archery, I sucked really bad." I said to boost his self esteem. "Okay. I could use some help with archery and you're really good." He said, grabbing his bow and quiver. He walked to the first available target and knocked an arrow. He aimed properly and was doing good until he shot it. His arm dropped when he shot the bow so it only hit the bottom ring. "Okay. The problem is, you tend to drop your arm right before you shoot. You need to learn to keep it strait. Like this." I said as I took his bow and shot an arrow, making it hit the center. He attempted to shoot again, but his arm dropped again. "Okay, try again." I said. I walked behind him and held onto his arm. I let him shoot this time without dropping his arm. This time, the arrow hit about an inch from the center. "See! Now just learn to keep your arm strait and you should be good." I said smiling. "Thank you. I'll work on it." He said, pecking my nose. "Okay well I have my own classes to get to so I'll see you later." I said kissing him lightly before walking off. "Don't forget! Don't drop your arm!" I called over my shoulder. I then proceeded to my classes. 
During lunch, Nico had tried to get me to eat again but it was bacon cheese burgers and fried and I did NOT want something that greasy. "But Jayde, I know about Anorexia. If you've had it for as long as you have, you could die." He whined. "I know. I have this friend who would make me eat at least one of these little mini apples like every other day or once a week. Don't worry. I'm not gonna die on you." I said, giving him a small peck on the cheek. "Okay. Fine." He said giving in. I giggled and picked up a fry, taking a bite from it. "D-Did you just eat that?" Nico asked stunned. "Yes I did. I only did it for you." I said smiling. "Well, I'm gonna go train. I'll see you later." I said as I stood up. "Okay. Bye." He said as I walked away. My sword hung from my waistband on my pants so I didn't have to run back to my cabin before going to train. I jogged to the arena, hearing people say something about... Capture The Flag I think? As soon as I reached the arena, I noticed that Clarisse had lost her sunglasses and was hacking the life out of the dummies... Even if they had no life to begin with. I edged my way around her and towards the opposite side of the arena. I took my sword from where it was swinging and began to hack away at the dummies. Apparently, I couldn't stay quiet enough because Clarisse looked at me. "Hey! You! You ruined my eyes punk! You're gonna regret that!" She yelled at me. I rolled my eyes and huffed. "Oh look! The ugly TROLL can say more than two-syllable words! Who knew?" I asked with a smart tone in my voice. She just growled and barreled towards me. I held up my hand and produce a small amount of light that would only make somebody dizzy for a few seconds. I took this moment to run away. I ran from the arena and to the Hermes cabin. I ran into the door and slammed in shut behind me. "You okay?" A voice said from behind me. I spun around to see Koro standing there. "Oh. Koro. Um, yeah, I'm fine. Just Clarisse." I said behind a small smile. "Oh really." She said smirking. "Yes now leave me alone." I snapped before marching strait out the door. I decided to avoid the arena so I went to Nico's cabin. I let myself into the dark cabin. I looked around but it was empty. I sighed but sat down onto the empty bed. I laid back, sinking into the soft blankets. "Jayde? What're you doing here? I thought you were training." I heard Nico's voice say from the doorway. "Oh you know, hiding from Clarisse. Just the usual." I said shrugging. "Ah. I know Clarisse is mean, you wanna talk about it?" He asked, laying down beside me and letting me curl up next to him. "No. I am upset though. Do you have anymore classes today?" I asked, looking up to meet his eyes. "No. You?" He asked, pecking me on the nose. I shook my head 'no' and kissed his lips. I was about to pull away when he pulled me closer and sat up, bringing me with him. He stood up with me and wrapped his arms around my waist as I snaked my arms around his neck, deepening the kiss. He ran his tongue over my bottom lip, asking for entrance into my mouth but I denied him access, smirking in the kiss. I could feel him pout but he slightly pinched my arm, causing me to shriek and open my mouth. He took this opportunity to slide his tongue into my mouth. I smiled slightly but pulled away. "I have an idea." I said smiling. "Oh no." He said smirking. I raised my eyebrows and smacked his arm before dragging him out the door. I led him to the beach and eventually towards our secret spot. When we got there, Nico laid down on the ground so I just crawled on top of him. "What're you doing?" He asked smirking. "Well, sir, you looked like a comfy cushion so I thought I would test out my hypothesis. I was correct." I said, tapping the tip of his nose lightly. I laid my head down onto his chest and listened to the soft sound of his steady heartbeat. "This is nice." I said softly after a comfortable silence. He kissed the top of my head and wrapped his arms around my waist. "Yeah." He replied softly.

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