Demons And Angels

Jayde Rogers was an angelic child. She never did anything bad and was always doing what she was told. She was bullied because of an eating disorder she had due to a tragic childhood memory. Her father was always doing charity work and was never around. She had no friends and was moving around a LOT. One day, what happens when her path crosses with another person's who isn't exactly heaven's angel?


1. Chapter-1

Jayde's POV
I stood in my bedroom, looking out into the dark red sky as the sun rose. "Jay sweetie! Time to get ready for school!" I heard my father's deep voice call from downstairs. I sighed but dragged myself off of my bed. I walked sluggishly over to my closet, grabbing a shirt and pants. I slipped on a black sweatshirt and black leggings before pulling my hair up into a messy blonde bun. I put on my silver heart locket my mother gave me after I was born then slipped on my black hightops. I put on a little bit of mascara, making my amethyst eyes pop. I grabbed my phone, wrapping my skull candy earbuds around them and stuffed it into my brown, old messenger bag before heading to the kitchen. I told my dad bye before heading out the door. I walked down to where the bus normally picks me up and popped an earbud into my ear. I clicked the shuffle button on my favorite playlist and Centuries by Fall Out Boy started playing. I tapped my foot along to the rhythm and mouthed the lyrics when the bus pulled up. It stopped in front of me, the breaks squeaking and the rusted doors screeching as they opened. I walked up the steps and towards the back of the bus. There was a single seat next to a boy wearing all black topped with an old Aviator jacket. There were people standing up to avoid sitting next to him but at the time, I didn't care. I plopped down next to him, still engulfed with the song currently playing. I had the volume up so high, I could only barely hear the bus's engine running. A sudden tap on my shoulder made me take an earbud from my left ear. "Why are you sitting beside me? Why not stand up like everyone else?" The strange boy asked me. "Because my feet hurt and your appearance doesn't bother me." I explained quickly so I could get back to my music. He nodded and fixed his stare to out the bus window. "You new here?" I asked, suddenly interested in this kid. "Yeah. I'm Nico." He stated quietly. I smiled as I replied, "I'm Jayde." The rest of the bus ride was silent. When we pulled up into the school parking lot, Nico and I were the last ones off. "Hey Jayde, could you show me where the office is?" Nico asked as he followed me towards the campus. I smiled and nodded. I led him towards the front of the school where the main office was. He opened the glass door for me, allowing me to step in before him. I continued down the hallway until I reached a red painted wooden door. I twisted the doorknob and opened it. Nico followed me inside towards the grumpy old lady that sat behind the front desk, fiddling with a pen and notepad. "Mrs.Lorry? This is a new student who needs his schedule. His name is Nico..." I stopped because he never told me his last name. "Di Angelo, Nico Di Angelo" He finished for me. She sighed but took a piece of paper beside her notepad and handed it to Nico. He thanked her by slightly smiling then went out the exit. I took the paper lightly from his grip to discover he had the same schedule as me... Well I had band instead of Computer Lab but otherwise it was the same. "Okay. Other than Computer Lab you have the same classes as me." I explained. I had noticed that his eyes widened slightly when I said Computer Lab but decided to leave that alone. I let him follow me to Mr.Warren, our home room teacher. I explained why I was slightly later than usual, but he understood. I sat in the back all by myself because the rest of my class was made up of stupid jocks and cheerleaders that took up the front three rows so I sat in the fifth row. Nico took a seat beside me as we waited for the first bell, indicating it was time to switch classes.

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