Confusing love

Is it a false love or just a hard to choose problem? A young girl, named Charlotte has to make the choice of her life. To love a boy, or a man.


2. Meeting a fanner

We got to the Stadium and peaked past the curtain to see how many people were here. I looked at the people in the front row and saw a beautiful girl about my age. She looked so beautiful just sitting there talking to her friend. When we got told we had to start the concert I realized I was nervous. Not about all the people being here but because I didn't want to embarrass myself in front of the beautiful girl. After about two songs, 'Voodoo Doll' and 'Amnesia', we decided to go for a walk around the empty areas of the Stadium. After a turn past the cafeteria we bumped into the beautiful girl. I smiled as I saw that it was her when I looked down. Michael was stupid and screamed,


I was happy when I got to hear her voice. After we finished talking, I gave her some backstage passes as an apology for Michaels stupidness and for being lost. I saw the glitter in her eyes when I looked at her that I lightly blushed. When she started to walk away I mentioned it to the guys how beautiful she is and Calum looked at me and said,

"She deserves a guy who isn't selfish, Luke. You basically fought us to be the lead singer for the band. Plus, you can tell she likes me." 

"Dude. I just said she was beautiful and I was the only one who wanted to be the lead."

Calum rolled his eyes and walked away. I turned around but I was too late. She was gone. Later, after the concert, I saw Charlotte walk into our dressing room with her friend. I tried to stay cool but Calum was too forward and hugged her. I could tell Charlotte liked hugging him and it really hurt. Even though I just met her, I felt like I've know her all my life. That I was MADE for her. I smiled at her and she came and sat next to me. Her friend went over by Ashton and they started talking. Calum was watching everything I did as me and Charlotte talked. After a while Charlotte said her and Amy had to go. I hugged her goodbye and walked her out. Right before I closed the door, she turned around and hugged me again then gave me her number. I smiled as I closed the door then turned around. And Calum was standing right there.

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