Confusing love

Is it a false love or just a hard to choose problem? A young girl, named Charlotte has to make the choice of her life. To love a boy, or a man.


1. In the Beginning

On a warm spring day, I was on the way to school. Kids in my school were talking about there favorite bands such as One Direction, The vamps, and 5 seconds of Summer. I met my friend Amy at the fence in front of the school and we started talking about how annoying fan-girls are. Amy mentioned that her mom bought her tickets for the 5 seconds of summer concert and she NEEDED me to come with her so she didn't die of boredom. So the day of the concert, I went with her to LA and we had to go to a stupid concert. After two songs, I went to the bathroom but I got lost. I was wondering the halls when I bumped into a group of guys. I gulped and looked up and saw that I bumped 5 seconds of summer!

"SECURITY!!!" Screamed what I was pretty sure was Michael.

"No please, I'm sorry. I was looking for the bathrooms and I got lost.." I said wimpy

"Um, hi. I'm Luke. That is Ashton, Calum and of course Michael. And you are..?"

I blushed and said,"Charlotte. Charlotte Jones."

"Why hello Charlotte Jones. We gotta go but" Luke handed me two backstage passes."maybe we will see you later?"

I smiled and took the passes."Defiantly." Then I walked away. 

I met up with Amy who was waiting for me at the bathrooms. 

"Where were you?!" Amy yelled

"I got lost and I bumped into 5 seconds of summer and they gave me these." 

I held out my hand and Amy grabbed a pass and screamed. Everyone looked at her and she just smiled and waved at them.

"Sweet! That is so cool! Yay! Now fan-girls will be jealous of us!"

I nodded my head then we went back to our seats. After the concert we went to the backstage area.

"Hello Charlotte Jones!" Luke said with a big smile on his face

"Guys, Charlotte and her..friend are here!" Calum said

Michael and Ashton looked at me and smiled then gave me a big hug. 

"I'm confused. You know them?" Amy questioned

" HAHA. No. We are just.. being friendly. She got lost at this stadium and so we want to apologies for there not being very good directions." Luke said.

"I'm sorry, I've been rude. I'm Amy Winehouse. And you guys are Luke, Ashton, Michael and Calum, right?"

The guys looked at each other and whispered then all said in harmony,




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