Gossip Girl the continue

this is kind of a continue story of Gossip Girl
It continues where the last episode left of (the characters personalities might change a bit!)
@leightonqueenb on instagram


1. The after party


-Mr Daniel Randolph Humphrey do you take Ms Serena Celia Van Der Woodsen to be your lawfully wedded wife?

-I do!

-Ms Serena Celia Van Der Woodsen do you ta..

-I dooo!

-Well then Dan you may kiss the bride!

Everyone stood upp applauding for the newly wedded couple the golden girl and lonely boy! Who could´ve guessed? Well everyone is an outsider at first until they uncover one dirty little secret and blackmail themselves into the world of spoiled adults acting like kids.


Serenas dress was flawless, it might not been a genuine Vera Wang but it was a B by Waldorf for J humphrey design which made it priceless.

We will never know what really drew old Brooklyn boy in from the outside to the inside. Maybe it was the hunt for things to post on gossip girl? Maybe he wanted to get accepted or maybe it was all just for the money!

One thing is for sure; he will regret it!


Rufus popped the champagne bottle open and poured some up in his empty glass.

°clink clink clink

Nate was standing up raising his glass

-I would like to give this toast for two of my best friends who found love at last! Serena and Dan! I remember the first time I saw you Dan I couldn't remember your name!

the room burst a little laugh at Nates joke

-Little did I know then though that Brooklyn Boy would turn out to be one of my best friends! You've always been there! and I love you! Dan you are my great inspiration!



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