Je ne suis pas Charlie

My views sparked by Paris attacks/ Charlie's Satire on Islamist terrorism as a whole.
Please take no offence..


2. Quick history lesson..

 9/11; what happened after it? Afganistan, Iraq and Syria.

And what angers me the most, is that in 1918, France and Britain promised the Arabs their own kingdom if they helped them win the war and instead they broke their promise. France and Britain took the land (that isn't theirs) and separated it into countries (which they ruled) and sold oil fields to large Western companies (oil which isn't theirs) and then even went to the extent of giving land (which isn't theirs) to Zionists who later went on and started kicking people out of the land (which isn't theirs) and THEN even killed those from Gaza and Palestine who tried to fight back (land that was theirs)! Well, obviously some people are going to be angry and result to terrorism after stressing all other options!
And America's close allegiance with Israel just makes it worse!

Think of it like a person promised you another book but instead they take all your books and never let you read them again. 

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