Je ne suis pas Charlie

My views sparked by Paris attacks/ Charlie's Satire on Islamist terrorism as a whole.
Please take no offence..


3. Generalizations


I will not harm a non-Muslim because they insult something I believe in

I am not, because I am of 'the weaker sex', forced to marry a 30 year old I wish not too at the age of 14

I am not deprived of further education- quite the opposite. 

I am not not allowed a say because I am ruled over by controlling and hypocritical men *scoffs* Yeah right.. 

I do not discourage democracy! What you are looking at today in the middle east is the fault of the British and French. When Islam was created the leaders were chosen on a basis of who has the best qualities (nothing like the West at the time)!

I am not part of a brown religion that deserves to stay in the 'brown part of the world' *Such stupid people of the inter web*. Arabs Muslims and Northern Indian are quite light skinned if I must say (though I'm brown).



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