Je ne suis pas Charlie

My views sparked by Paris attacks/ Charlie's Satire on Islamist terrorism as a whole.
Please take no offence..


1. Chapter One

I feel the need to say this. 

As many of you may have heard there have been terrorist attacks in Paris by Islamists. I am a Muslim and am appalled by the lack of Muslim values these gunmen had. Islam to me is all about peace about harmony, as many others will agree. So when reading articles on the guardian, and flicking through the comments, it is quite depressing to see the scale of Islamaphobia present. 

But I guess we can't do anything about it, even though one of the men killed was Muslim and another risked his life to save children in the supermarket. I'm not complaining. It's just worrying that people feel this. 

However, when people keep writing Je suis Charlie, I have the freedom of speech to say je ne suis pas charlie. Quite frankly, I was offended by his cartoons, that portrayed someone I  look up to as a rapist. This to me was crossing the line. Some say he was disrespectful to all religions; I want to mention that Charlie fired someone for 'anti-semitism'. It isn't correct for people to say things about your sexuality, it isn't correct for people to say things about your race, it isn't correct to say things about how you look, so why is it correct or acceptable for people to say things about religion. 

But that doesn't mean, just because I hold these views, I am an Islamist and I support the views of ISIS and I am going to bomb Market street. Quite the opposite. 

So I am not Charlie. I am not an Islamist. I am me. 



Sorry. Just a rant. 




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