Sweet sound of his voice!


1. Intro

Alex's pov

"Have a good day at work sweetie!" My mom yells from the kitchen.

"Thanks mom!"I answer

"Oh don't forget to feed rocky and that Mias coming over later!" I remind her

"Ok Alex" she replies

Well I'm guessing I should introduce my self! Hi I'm alex and I have two sisters and one brother! I don't get to see my brother much cause he lives an hour away he's my half brother but I love him as much as if he's my "brother brother"! So my mom is forgetful she loses her memory sometimes because of an accident!

I'm 17 years old but I'm turning 18 in a week! On August 3 I'm kinda excited it means I can move out and live my life on my own!

I'm gonna move in with my best friend her names Mia! Shes dating this boy name Isaiah he treats her alright most of the time!

As I walk to my job which is in Forever 21 I like to think about what's it gonna be like when I'm 18?!


"Oh shit" I scream as I was startled by the notice of a honk!

"I'm going I'm going I scream out the window" and I drive up to the parking lot of the mall

I walk into work and there was my manager waiting for me!

"Hey" she says

"Hi" I wave

"Hurry! I need your help with something so there's this guys he's standing right there" she points to a tall guy with long ish hair it's curly and it's brown but a light brown!

He's waves as he sees her pointing

I wave in responding to his wave

"I'll help" I say without hesitation

"Hi welcome to forever 21 do you help picking out something?

"Yes, yes I do"

"Looking for something for your girlfriend?"

"Oh no I'm single like a Pringle" he jokes and laughs

Oh my his laugh is just beautiful

I giggle a little

"I'm looking for a birthday present for my mom!"

"Well what's her kind of style?"

"I really don't know" he says with and embarrassed face

"Well maybe you can get her a really nice shirt and some pants!" I take him to our newest additions and I pick something

"Is this good?"

"Yeah I think she will like that!" He smiles with relieve

Dimples oh my gosh he just perfect and I look up to him and I notice he's like a foot taller than me and his eyes are just perfect they're green with hazel

"Damn!" I say out loud

"Are you ok?"

"Oh yeah sorry! Well let's go over to the register"

"My names Ashton! And you are?" He says politely

I noticed his Australian accent it's beautiful

"Oh my names Alex!"

I finish his check out and he's smiles and walk of

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