Fire || J.B. {Sequel to Sparks}

"Justin is... He is not perfect. Our relationship is not different from others. We do have problems too, because we're an absolutely normal couple. We laugh, we fight, we have long talks... Justin can be the sweetest guy you've ever met or really annoying. He can be a real idiot... But he's my idiot and that's okay." - Melody Sullivan

| Book Two of Justin's and Melody's love story |


4. Overwhelmed... Again

Harry and I had spent the night in his bed. We had been waiting for Tamina for hours, but she couldn't make it. Eventually we fell both asleep from exhaustion and now I woke up in his arms. It was an indescribable feeling of security to have my best friend with me.

I yawned before I pulled away from him and went to my room. My packed suitcase was already in the hall; Harry, Lauren and I had packed yesterday before Lauren had gone to bed pretty early.

I got dressed and when I walked into the kitchen, my parents and my sister were already sitting at the table. Mom and dad had probably come back sometime that night.

It took a few minutes, then Harry was with us and my parents welcomed him happy. He still looked very tired and pale; the heat of Hawaii would do him well.

An hour later we went to the airport. Lauren, Mom, Dad and Harry had already gotten out and managed to get their bags towards the entrance hall. I sighed, got out and ran after them.

Inside we met immediately Candice, Chaz and their parents. Lauren ran to Chaz and he hugged her happy. Obviously, Lauren wanted to give their relationship a second chance and I didn't know what to think about it.

I ran to my parents and didn't notice until the last moment that Matt was standing with them. He hugged Harry, laughing at something.

"Matty!" I said and he smiled at me.

"Come here, little annoying sister," he said and I rolled my eyes.

He hugged me and then Lauren, who was suddenly standing next to us. I made her some space and turned around, only to see as Pattie and Justin walked through the lobby. They talked and Justin had a broad smile on his face. I felt a sharp pain in my heart.

Immediately I turned my face away and walked quickly to Candice. Once there I was taken aback, because Shane was here.

"Hey," I said, surprised. Then I saw their folded hands.

"Hey!" she said and beamed at me, before she looked back to Shane.

He obviously couldn't stop looking at her, because he neither noticed me nor everyone else a bit. I swallowed and turned away again... and stood right in front of Justin.

"Hi," he said.

I wanted to turn away and go, but he held me back. "Wait..."

At that moment, the Beadles arrived. Chris and a pretty girl were holding hands and walked towards us. When she saw me, her eyes widened and she freed her hand, just so she could clap them in delight.

"Hey, I'm Melara. And you are Justin's girlfriend, right?" She held out her hand and I shook it.

"Um, hey," I said, puzzled. "No, I'm just one of the sisters of the guy who is with Selena Gomez. And my name is Melody."

I hadn't believed it, but her eyes widened even more.

"Melody?!" Melara looked at Justin. "The Melody?"

Confused, I looked at Justin and then back to her. He looked at her questioningly.

"Well, don't you remember? Back in the hospital?"

I waited until she looked me in the eyes.

"Well, I met Justin in the hospital," she started and told me about it. "And then we said goodbye and he said "Take care of yourself, Melody"! So though he was still with Selena at that point, he was thinking about only you! And you tried to save your ass by saying that you thought my full name is Melody!"

My mouth fell open and I quickly looked at Justin, who's cheeks were turning red.




Melody stared at me in surprise and I could feel myself blushing.

Suddenly there was an announcement: "Flight 374 from Atlanta to Hawaii! All passengers are asked to go to the correct switch." It was then repeated in different languages. 

Relieved, I exhaled and looked around. "This is our call."

I quickly made my way away from them and shook my head. I looked behind me and saw how Candice said goodbye to her boyfriend and the others began to follow me.

Apparently Melara came with us. Great. I really had nothing against her... but I had a feeling that she was able to find out everything I felt for Melody. She had somehow a sense of it.

I shook my head again, stopped and waited for the others.

A few minutes later we were on board and most passengers were seated; only Harry and Melody were still standing. Now was the big moment.

Matt began. "Hey, Haz, come here! Sit down next to me."

Harry went on his way, but Melody held him back. "Hold up- where are you going?"

Harry looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "I'm going to sit next to Matt."

"But I'm sitting next to Matt."

He looked at her apologetically. "I'm really sorry, but I want to sit next to him. I have so much to tell him." He pulled away and went to Matt.

"What-? But where am I supposed to sit then?!"

Harry turned back to her. "Next to Justin."

Melody's mouth fell open again and she lglanced with a contempt look at me.

I immediately sank further into my seat.




I looked back at Harry. "You're kidding, right?"

In that very moment a stewardess walked up to me and I looked at her. "Excuse me, you have sit down now, we want to start."

She looked at me with such a fake smile and with way too much make up on her face that I had slightly the feeling to vomit. I looked back at Harry, who just shrugged his shoulders and then sit down beside Matt.

I stared at him and turned to Justin. He sat in his seat and looked out the window. I sighed annoyed and finally sat down beside him. Immediately I strapped myself and took a deep breath. I was still a little nervous before flying. I closed my eyes and tried to calm down.

A few minutes later I opened my eyes again and looked at the clock. An hour had passed; apparently, I fell asleep. I stretched and yawned and looked at the screen, where any movie has been played. I unbuckled me and looked out of the corner of my eye to Justin. He was listening to music, nodding and wrote something on a pad. I let my eyes wander through the part of the plane and discovered Lauren a few seats in front of me.


She turned around and looked at me. "Yes?"

I switched from English to German. "Können wir vielleicht die Plätze tauschen?"

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Justin and Chaz looked confused at us.

"Lauren, bitte."

She looked at me and I knew she was torn. Slowly she started to shake her head. "Mel, ich... ich möchte echt neben Chaz sitzen bleiben. Du weißt doch, dass wir so viel zu klären haben und ich ihm noch sagen muss, dass ich rauche..."

Now, Matt, Mom and Dad turned around and got into our conversation.

Matt asked, surprised, "Ich dachte du wärst glücklich mit ihm?"

And Mom and Dad stared dumbfounded. "Du tust was?!"

Now Lauren looked quickly to our parents and began to explain it while I quickly threw Matt a I'll- explain-later-look. I sighed and sat back down properly. I could absolutely forget to switch seats.

I dug out the book "The Last Song" by Nicholas Sparks and started reading again. After a few pages someone nudged me. I looked up in surprise and realized that it was Justin, who gave his notebook to me. I took it and began to read.

"Melody, look, I'm sorry. I was an idiot. Give me another chance to start over."

He handed me a pen and I took it reluctantly. "Idiot" was an understatement. What was he thinking?

I took the pen firmly in my hand and wrote "You're still an idiot for thinking I would give you another chance."

It stung in my eyes and I pinched them tightly together. Then I gave him back his notebook and watched his reaction. He read the lines and his gaze turned sad, then he looked at me.

I quickly turned my back on him, while a few tears stole away from my eyes. I took my book out again and had to read the first sentence three times in order to solely concentrate only on Ronnie's and Will's story.

A few hours later, my eyelids were getting heavy, so I put a bookmark in it and closed the book. I yawned, turned around and fell asleep.


Someone shook my arm and I yawned, trying to ignore it. Oversleeping I opened my eyes and looked down beside me and then at me.

I was snuggled up to Justin and spread out on us laid a blanket.

When did that happen?

It made my heart beat faster, but I forced myself anyway to move away from him and look in the other direction.

In front of me stood Harry and immediately a "What do you want?" slipped out of my mouth.

Oddly, he smiled at me and shook his head and said, "We have to get out."

Now, I looked around and found out that most of the passengers had already left. I quickly grabbed my book and stood up.

Justin slid into my seat and immediately began to say "I'm awake, I'm awake!"

I rolled my eyes and just wanted to say very cool "We have to get out of here", but he smiled at me, so my throat got dry and I had to clear it.

I turned around quickly and ran to the exit. Immediately the heat welcomed my face. I pulled my sunglasses out of my purse and covered my eyes with them. Then I went quickly on the way to the baggage claim. I noticed the rest of our "vacation group" had already their bags and were moving on to the output. Only Laury stood still and called out to me that I should just take my suitcase and then take a taxi. I sighed, nodded, and she turned around and left.

Of course I met Justin at the baggage acceptance, who was already with his and my suitcase waiting there.

"Here," he said, giving me my luggage.

"Thanks. Did you hear what Lauren said?" I asked and he nodded. "Okay, then, hm, come on."

I took my bags and headed for the taxis. I didn’t need to look behind me to know that Justin followed me.


Half an hour later we were still sitting silently in the taxi. Then it stopped and I noticed that we were finally there. I was about to pull out my wallet to pay for the trip, but Justin was faster.

He gave him two bills and said, "Keep the change."

Then he looked at me and smiled. I snorted, grabbed my bag and got out. The driver opened the trunk and pulled out our suitcases. I took my wordlessly and walked up to the hotel. At the reception they gave me the key and I went to the elevator. I had thought that in the elevator would be a bellboy, but there was no one. Great. In a confined space with Justin Bieber.

I sighed, pushed the button of the elevator and waited until the doors opened. Justin was beside me now and together we entered the elevator. Silently we went to our floor, and as the doors opened, I almost ran to my room. I opened the door and rushed inside. Surprised, I realized that it was a twin room. But there was no one there, so I turned back to the door and there stood... Justin. I looked at his key card and there was actually written "Room 2043".

"Oh, hell no," I whispered. 

He stared at me and I stared back. We both just didn't know what to say.

But after a time, he made a beginning. "Um, okay, which bed do you want?" 

I looked back at the beds and then went over to one.

"That one," I said, turning back to him.

He nodded, closed the door and went to the other. I turned back to my bed and began to unpack my suitcase.

A few minutes later I had cleared everything in the closet and turned around satisfied. Justin sat on his bed and stared at me.

"What?" I asked, went to my bed and sat down.

He shook his head and wanted to turn away.

I sighed and said, "Okay, listen to me."

He stopped in motion and turned back. This was the first sentence I had said to him without sounding acidified.

"If this," I was pointing at him, then at me. "shall work, we need to make rules."

He nodded, so I continued.

"For the time we spend here, here's a limit." I pointed to the space between our beds. "Your side, my side. In addition, there is nothing between us. We are nothing more than just friends."

My eyes burned when I said this sentence.

"Nothing more, nothing less. I cannot promise, whether there will ever be more again."

He swallowed and nodded. Then he handed me his hand. I took it and the touch made lightning flashes through my body and forced me to look him into his eyes.

So I stared into his hazel brown eyes and I swear I could see not only that he was feeling the same, but also that I saw our future.

I saw how we hugged, we kissed, as I played the piano and he sat next to me, as he sang and played guitar for me, as I walked towards Justin in my wedding dress, while he was wearing a tuxedo, as I came home, a child in my arms and Justin greeted us with a smile, as we sat together at a playground and watched our children playing, as we grow old together and were happy even then.

The moment took my breath and then I realized... Justin had seen it, too.

He pulled me to him and we hugged. I buried my face in his shoulder and noticed that a few tears stole away, but I didn't care. After a few seconds we parted from each other again and I sat back on my bed. I realized that Justin was looking at me, so I looked up and met his gaze again.

"So... friends?" he asked.

I brushed the tears from my face and tried to smile. "Friends."

A few minutes later we were able to talk normally. Then he rose with a sigh and stretched.

"I think I'll go down and check out the hotel. Are you coming with me?"

I shook my head. "No, maybe later."

He smiled, nodded and disappeared out the door. After he had closed the door, I let myself fall on my bed with a sigh.

We had talked about everything. Well, almost everything. He had explained the situation with Jasmine and I had told him everything with Dan.

I thought of all the strange coincidences that happened today and grabbed my phone.



Where are you?



At the pool, join me? ;)



On my way!


I put on a bikini and a light summer dress before I left my room.

Even from far away I could see Harry on a sun lounger. His fair skin stung in the eye. He had closed his eyes and clasped his hands behind his arm. As I got closer, I realized that he had got some tattoos without having said something to anyone. "17BLACK" was written under his left collarbone and on the under side of his left biceps was a star outline and a lettering. 

"Won't stop till we surrender?" I asked, reading out the words which would probably be on his body forever. Harry started smiling, but held his eyes closed.

"Exactly," he said and turned slowly around.

I took off my dress and lay down on the sun lounger next to him.

"What a nice surprise," I said and he smirked and opened his eyes.

"I know, I've been at the gym lately," he said and I rolled my eyes and laughed.

"Yes, that's exactly what I meant." 

He smirked and wiggled his eyebrows.

"You were right. The sun is really doing me good," he said and sighed. "It's a huge difference to England. I love it." 

I smiled and nodded. He closed his eyes again and lay back.

"Hey, Harry?" I asked.


"Were friends for more than seven years, correct?" 


"And I'm your best friend, right?" 

He opened his eyes and turned to me again. "You were, you are and will always be." 

I smiled and asked "So why do you think you could trick me?" 

"Huh?" He looked surprised and my smile grew wider.

"I'm not stupid and I know you probably even better than you think. Your plan of getting me and Justin back together is a bit too obvious, don't you agree?" 

"Um," he said and his cheeks finally got a bit color. "When did you notice it?" 

"Oh, I guess it was the moment I stepped into my hotel room and had to accept that my roommate is a guy who was dancing over my feelings for the last months and tried to apologize." 

"Well..." he said and frowned. "It wasn't my plan. It's Selena's." 

I laughed and looked at him dumbfounded. "Selena's? Why?" 

"Well, Matt, Selena and I visited him a few days later after the Jasmine accident and he told us what he felt about you and... That's kinda the result of it." 

"What he felt about me?" 

"Oh, sorry, what he is still feeling for you." 

I frowned. "Still feeling for me? Are you kidding me? He is in a relationship with this Mandy girl," I said and he laughed.

"Nope, he's single. I'm absolutely sure about that."

"Okay, then why exactly did he text me and called me a whore and a slut for kissing Zeke?" 

Harry's mouth fell open and he stared at me. "He did what?!" 

"Exactly what I've told you. He also wanted me to delete his number and that's what I did." 

"Why did't you say a word? When did that happen?" 

"Um, the day mom and dad told us we wouldn't fly to Hawaii... Seven months ago, I think." 

His eyes got wider. "What! Why didn't you tell me? Or anyone else?" 

"I was happy it was over, okay? And I didn't want to put weight on you. You all had your own problems." 

Harry shook his head and stood up. He looked over the place and then shouted "You!" 

He pointed at somebody and I looked into the direction he was staring angrily. Justin was entering the pool area and stopped in his movement. I looked around and people were staring at us now.

“You shouldn't have done this..." Justin said and in the next moment, girls were running to him.

I looked back to Harry and he lowered his arm. He clenched his fists and walked up to him. He said something to the girls and practically dragged Justin to the sun lounger Harry was lying a few seconds ago. He pushed him so that Justin fell on it. I quickly put on my dress again and Harry sat down next to me.

"I thought you liked her!" he said angrily and Justin looked confused from Harry to me and back to Harry again.

"Harry, I think we shouldn't-" 

"And I supported the idea to bring you guys back together! I am such an idiot!" 

"What? What is this all about?! I don't get what you're trying to say!" Justin said.

"I really believe you would treat her right! If you'll ever insult her again, I'll break every single bone in your damn body!" Harry said and I looked at him scared.

I knew that he had a real bad temper and that he meant his words exactly the way he said them. I looked back to Justin and he looked helplessly to Harry.

"What the hell happened? When did I insult you?" He looked at me and I raised an eyebrow.

"Seriously?" I asked and he shrugged.

"Yes?" he said, but his facial expression turned it into a question.

"Well, you asked me to delete your number and said that you would know my secret and called me a slut and a whore," I said and the moment I was speaking these words to him my heart started aching and I had to bit my tongue so that I wouldn't yell these words.

"What!" Justin said and looked with wide eyes at us. "This is ridiculous! I would never ever do this. Never in my whole life. This has to be a misunderstanding. I didn't say this to you." 

I snorted and said "Yeah, sure, so probably someone with the same number of yours texted me this." 

"I- I don't know how this is possible, but I swear to God that it wasn't me!" 

I rolled my eyes and he buried his hands in his hair, before he looked up again.

"That’s why you're acting like this! I was wondering why you didn't give me chance. After all, Jasmine and I are only friends. Just like Man-" He stopped and pulled his eyebrows together. "Mandy. It was her." 

I snorted and said "Why would she do this?" 

"She was angry that I didn't want her as my girlfriend. I thought she was taking her things and go, I never thought that she would..." He sighed and folded his hands. "Listen... I've dated this girl, but I noticed really quickly that I didn't want to be in a relationship with her... Remember the day I almost woke you up, Harry?" 

I looked to Harry and he nodded.

"Yeah, it was like three weeks after Matt and Tamina graduated," he said and I frowned.

"I, uh... Well, that's a bit embarrassing to say right now, but I looked up your facebook page, Melody, and Mandy walked in on me staring at your picture..." Justin continued and he bit his lip. "She said something about that I'm a bad boyfriend for staring at other girls and I told her that I was nobodies boyfriend and then I was so stupid to leave my phone next to the computer and leave the room... She must’ve been taking it and wrote this... I swear it wasn't me, Mel." 

"Really?' I asked and he nodded with begging eyes.

"I am telling the truth," he said and I looked to Harry.

Harry ran a hand trough his curls and crossed his arms in front of his chest.

"I swear to God, if you are lying and hurt her again..." he said and his green eyes were searching for the truth. Slowly he shook his head and looked at me.

"I don't think he's lying, Mel," he said slowly and my thoughts went crazy.

I truly believed that Justin was an asshole and that he had fun while seeing me on the edge for over a half year. And now... Everything was changed.

The walls I had built up around my heart got cracks and holes and finally fell down. A deep sob made its way through my body and I covered my mouth with a hand. 

Harry laid his arms around me and pulled me to him. When he was saying something, his body vibrated and I had goose bumps.

I wasn't crying; I was shocked and it was a strange feeling to have a free beating heart. I didn't know what to do or say... I was overwhelmed. 



**** AUTHORS NOTE ****

Knowing German is a really complicated language, I'll help you!

"Können wir vielleicht die Plätze tauschen?" - "Can we change seats?"

"Lauren, bitte." - "Lauren, please."

"Mel, ich... ich möchte echt neben Chaz sitzen bleiben. Du weißt doch, dass wir so viel zu klären haben und ich ihm noch sagen muss, dass ich rauche..." - "Mel, I... I want to stay next to Chaz. You know that we have a lot to be talked about and I have yet to tell him that I'm smoking..."

Matt asked, surprised, "Ich dachte du wärst glücklich mit ihm?" - Matt asked, surprised, "I thought you were happy with him?"

Mom and Dad stared dumbfounded. "Du tust was?!" - Mom and Dad stared dumbfounded. "You're doing what?!"

Yeah, that's enough of German in this story... I think. 

ANYWAYS: tell me what you think about it! There's a lot to come and actually I should be studying, but... Nah.


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