Fire || J.B. {Sequel to Sparks}

"Justin is... He is not perfect. Our relationship is not different from others. We do have problems too, because we're an absolutely normal couple. We laugh, we fight, we have long talks... Justin can be the sweetest guy you've ever met or really annoying. He can be a real idiot... But he's my idiot and that's okay." - Melody Sullivan

| Book Two of Justin's and Melody's love story |


6. First One's



Five minutes later we arrived at the beach.

I looked around, but far and wide I could only see palm trees and sand, so I asked, "Do we want to go swimming?"

He laughed, shook his head and pulled out a red cloth out of his pocket. "I'll blindfold you with that. Our date is supposed to be a surprise."

I just rolled my eyes, but then I remembered something, "Wait. If you blindfold me now, I can only smell, taste and feel. I'll lose another sense!" 

"That's what I was thinking," Justin said and smiled broadly.

Then he got out, walked around the car and opened my door. "It doesn't matter what you see. You only have to feel. "

That made sense.

So I finally gave up, strapped me down and said, "Okay."

I got out; Justin smiled contentedly and said "It won’t last long. I promise."

I nodded and he blindfolded me.

Everything was dark and I felt never before so lonely until Justin's comforting arms wrapped around me and we hugged. At that moment I realized he was right. He had been right about everything.

Then he picked me up so that his one arm was around my shoulders, the other one held my knees. A short squeal escaped my lips and I clung to him. I held unto his neck and he held me closer to him. Suddenly I realized that he was closer to me than anyone else. Not only in this moment, but also in general.

I could smell the slight scent of his perfume and memories of our first real kiss in his room flared up in me. It was dark around me and I could practically feel Justin's lips already on mine, so I longed for him.

His scent surrounded me and I had to restrain myself so I wouldn't tear the blindfold from my head. I've never felt such a strong craving for somebody else.

Soon I realized Justin would held his promise, as he walked a few steps and then let me down again. He helped me to find my balance, stood behind me and put his hands on my hips. I was still wearing this damn blindfold and I felt sick, because of the excitement. 

"And now?" I asked, showing a little bit of my emotions.

He took a hand and poked my nose.

I giggled slightly and asked "Should I, uh, concentrate on smell?"

I felt so damn stupid to ask this question, but his fingers painted a smiley face on my free back; the contact released goose bumps.


And I felt even stupider because the first thing I only smelled was the sea salt. I was breathing deeply, smelling flowers.

"Hm... flowers."

I focused on and still smelled more flowers smelled the smell of fire and... it couldn't be, right?

"Is that chocolate?" I asked loudly.

Justin drew a smiley face on my back again. This time I couldn't buck up, so I turned around quickly. Suddenly Justin's fingers were slipped on my waist and I could feel his breath stumble. Then he opened the blindfold and I could see him finally again after my eyes had become accustomed. We smiled at each other and then he turned me around slowly.

"Oh my God!" was the only thing I could say. I gasped and threw my hands up.

I couldn't really describe what I was seeing. It was just... wow.

Right and left of us were two lit torches and before us lay a way out petal – not in an ordinary way with roses, but all kinds of flowers that I knew. It smelled heavenly. Further back in the sand were constructed pillows and tables; with fruits and a chocolate fountain. Everywhere around were flowers: roses, tulips, orchids... And the sea beyond was just perfect.

I turned back to Justin, who looked at me proudly.

When he saw my face, his eyes widened and he asked anxiously, "Are you okay? Don’t you like it? I-"

I hugged him rapturously and he put his arms around me puzzled.

As we parted again I said "It's perfect."

Now he smiled at me proud again, took my hand and led me along the way covered with petals.


We ate so much fruits and chocolate until we were full and talked about everything that kept us busy.

He told me about what he had experienced in the time and I told him that I had seen him at this interview. Justin frowned when I told him what I had thought about his words; in the end, they were there still overshadowed by Mandy's lie. As it began to dawn, we were sitting close together on one of the pillows. I had dug my feet in the sand and Justin played with my hands. The last rays of sun were burning down on us and for the first time I understood when people said that they had found paradise on earth with their favorite person in one single moment.

But suddenly he let go of my fingers and stood up. I frowned at him. He smiled at me and gave me his hand. I took it, stood up and looked at him.

Justin said, "There's another thing I want to show you."


"But I have to blindfold you again."

I pushed my lower lip and asked, "Can't you just use your hands?"

He laughed and nodded. Then everything happened very quickly: he stood behind me, covered my face with his hands and led me a few yards away. Then he resolved his hands again... and we stood in front of a red curtain.

"Um..." I frowned and turned around, but he only smiled and showed me another pillow on which I should sit down. I sat down and Justin sat beside me. Then he put on a leash... and the curtain went up.

Behind it was to see a perfect, mirrored in the sea, sunset.

And for the second time that day I said "Oh my God."

I could absolutely not explain how he could have built this up in the few hours or how he came up with this idea.

I watched in awe as the sun slowly slid down the horizon, while Justin was holding my hand. Then I looked up at him and I realized that he had watched me the whole time. I smiled at him and he smiled back immediately.




The moment was just perfect... everything was perfect.

I smiled happily and watched Melody as she was fascinated watching the sunset with big eyes and I held her hand. Then she looked at me and her view was filled with pure love.

My heart swelled and I felt as if this moment, this girl would be for ever everything I see. Everything bad that we had to go through was determined for us to find the true core of our attraction. And here I was sitting with the girl of my dreams, on a beach in Hawaii, just before Christmas and I couldn't be happier.


It cooled down and we decided to drive back to the hotel. I handed her my hand again and helped her to her feet and the moment where I wanted to pull it back, because I didn't know whether it was appropriate for our first date – because, quite frankly, we were not an average couple – she held my hand and crossed our fingers. We smiled at each other and slowly we walked to the rental car.

"You know what I don't understand?" she asked suddenly, breaking the silence.

I looked at her questioningly and she said, "How can my parents agree that I'm sharing a room with you?"

I laughed and said "Probably because they don't know."

She stopped abruptly and lifted an eyebrow.

"Actually," I began. "Should Lauren share a room with you, but Matt could persuade her that she exchanged rooms with him. He told her that there were still unsaid things you two had to talk about, like Selena and me and that he wanted to take advantage of the time in the holiday. And then he easily exchanged with me. But Lauren knows about the plan, now that it has failed."

Melody nodded, then shook her head.

"You really tried that hard for me?" she asked and I grinned.

"You are worth it."


In the car, no one said a thing; Melody held my hand and I looked at her and our crossed fingers again and again. I couldn't believe that she really was with me and that we were so close again. I felt like I was becoming my old self more and more and I enjoyed this transformation.

When we arrived at the hotel, it was pitch black around us, and it was getting even cooler. I shut the car off and Melody put her arms around herself.

"Are you cold?" I asked and she nodded.

With a quick movement, I took off my jacket and put it around her shoulders. Immediately she snuggled into the warm fabric and sighed contentedly.

"That's better," she said and I smiled at her.

She stretched out her hand and I took it.

Together we gave back the keys at the reception and then walked to the elevator. After we entered it, Melody took her hand from mine and grabbed my jacket.

"No, you can keep it on, it suits you much better than me," I said and she looked into the mirrored walls and took a look at herself. Melody's smile got bigger and she turned back to me. 

"Thank you for everything. For the date tonight and that you haven't given up on us all the time. Thanks for always fighting for me and letting me breathe when I needed it. I behaved really bad in this time and deserve you not at-" she said, but at that moment I wasn't able to hold back anymore and just had to kiss her. I would have expected that she pushed away me or wouldn't respond, but she returned my kiss very quickly.

Her lips were as I remembered it, only even better. Melody's kisses were sweet and hungry and so damn inviting. I felt stronger; now that she was back at me, I realized that I had lost a part of myself at the moment, where we stopped talking to one another.

Only at the very edge I noticed how the elevator made a high alarm tone and the doors were opened.

Reluctantly, I separated from her and put an arm around her shoulders. She laughed and put her arm around my waist.

Melody's laugh was less for me, more for her; it sounded as if we were finally freed from the thing which had locked us both on the ground. With quick steps we walked to our room and she pulled me close to her.

When we entered the room, I closed the door and when I turned back to Melody, she let my jacket slide from her shoulders and smiled at me. I smiled wide and seconds later we were again in our arms. Our lips moved in sync while her and my fingers trying to undo the buttons of my shirt. Eventually, however, Melody gave up and tore the already half opened shirt apart, so that the buttons jumped off and landed on the floor. But I didn't care at all, quite the contrary.

I cupped Melody's face and pulled her closer to mine; our breath was hot and ragged, but even that interested neither of us. I slipped off my shoes and Melody kicked her shoes in any corner of the room. Step by step, we ran into one of the beds and as Melody turned us with a quick movement and pushed me slightly back, I fell on the bed.




I couldn't think of anything clear, let alone see. All I perceived now, all I wanted was Justin. I didn't care whether what we were doing now was inappropriate or what others would say about it... I didn't care.

I didn't think about the fucked up mess we had behind us or what was about to happen to us. I wanted Justin and I wanted him now. My body, my senses screamed for him and his touch.

I undid my belt and zipper of my dress and let it slide it to the ground. In Justin's eyes reflected a wild desire and I could no longer hold back any longer. I walked around the bed; my muscles quivered with excitement and nervousness, but I didn't show it. With fast motion I had moved to him on the bed, my hands and knees propped up next to his body, so I only had to bend down to kiss him. Justin wrapped his arms around my body; his touch burned on my bare skin. With a quick movement he pulled me down to him and my body tension was gone. Our bare bellies touched, my hands slid through his hair and my desire grew from second to second. It was almost as if we were trying to catch up everything in one night what we had failed in the past few months.

Our kisses were hot, urgent and with a quick flick Justin rolled us around so that he now lay on me. I giggled and he laughed too, but we didn't stop kissing. Justin knelt again and sat up. I opened my eyes and watched as he undid his belt. I stroked me a few strands out of my face, trying to normalize my breathing. With a quick movement Justin stood up and took off his pants; now we were both in our underwear.

Then he was back and started kissing me. This time my legs were open and I wrapped them around his lower body. The insides of my thighs were burning and when Justin started kissing my neck, I couldn't suppress a moan. I dug my fingers into his back and he winced, but didn't signal to me that I should remove my finger from him. On the contrary, he laughed, his body was vibrating.

Justin's hips began to move; I knew he was an excellent dancer and apparently in everything why he was famous, but it didn't seem to me that these were the only things in which he was very, very good at. I couldn't wait to have certainty about these thoughts. Although I almost began to tremble with excitement, but the concupiscence was greater.

My moans were now more and more frequently as Justin kissed my neck and his hips moved in parallel. My lips wanted to scream at him that he should finally start now, but I held back. My heart was beating faster than I could ever remember. On our two bodies in the meantime, a thin film of sweat had formed and I felt Justin's hot breath on my neck between some of the kisses. Something solid bumped against my inner thigh and then I realized that Justin was ready, too.

"I want you," it slipped out of me and Justin looked up. He looked at me in surprise; perhaps he hadn't heard me.

"I want you," I repeated so.

But that was wrong; my whole body, my senses, my mind longed for him. So I had to correct myself.

"I need you," I whispered, and he began to smile.

Then he bent down and gave me a long kiss. He kissed the spot below my ear and I moaned again and dug my nails deep into his back. Then he looked up again and bit his lower lip.

"Are you sure?" he asked, I would have liked to groan loudly.

"Yes, damn it," I said, and he laughed.

"Good, because I think I can't hold back any longer," he said, gave me one last kiss and stood up.

With a quick movement he had picked up his pants and fished out his wallet, but I couldn't concentrate on it. My heart was beating like crazy against my chest and I was cold with excitement. My eyes focused his crotch and I quickly looked to the ceiling. I tried to breathe calmly, but with every breath, my goose bumps set up further more. I was so damn excited, but I wanted more, no, I needed more. Everything inside of me screamed for Justin's body, presence, closeness and when I felt that the bed got lower; I knew that my wish would come true.

I ran my hand through my hair, wincing as something rough scratched over my stomach. I looked down at me and laughed when I saw the little square box in Justin's fingers. He dropped it next to my body and kissed my lips before he slowly worked his way down.

He kissed my neck, the collar bones and slowly slipped the straps of my bra down. As he kissed my belly, he planted a kiss after another on my skin on the way to my legs, I slipped my arms out of the straps and tried to ignore the nervous tickle in my stomach. The next kiss landed on my inner thighs and I pushed my back through. I needed him. Now.

My gaze was on his head, and as he looked up, I smiled at him.

"Ready?" he asked and I nodded.

My throat felt tight; I was damn nervous. My hands were sweating and I tried to wipe it unnoticed by him away on the sheets.

When Justin stretched out his hand back to the package, I looked at the ceiling again. My blood was pulsing in my ears, my breath was pounding through my body, my heart was ready to fly away.

When I felt Justin's fingers on my hips, I looked back at him. His boxers and the opened package lying on the ground; he knelt in front of my legs, his hands on my panties and I tried desperately not to stare at his center.

He looked at me with a raised eyebrow and I nodded. I lifted my buttocks and slowly Justin struck my panties. He helped me to take them off and his eyes never left mine for a second. Slowly his hands slid into my knees and he spread my legs apart.

"I'll try not to hurt you," he said and I nodded.

He let my legs go, came back to me and propped his arms next to my head. He kissed my nose and at the exact same moment something touched my most sensitive part.

My body tensed unconsciously and I tried to smile at him. I knew I had to calm down. I had to be relaxed; otherwise it would do me unnecessarily hurt.

I put my fingers again to his back and angled my legs. Then I nodded and he leaned down to kiss my lips and at the same time penetrated me slowly. A sharp pain shot through my body, but after he had repeated this process a few times, it disappeared; Justin quickly found a rhythm. We didn't stop to kiss us and I wrapped my legs around his lower body again.

The feeling of Justin over and moving inside of me was indescribable. It was... it felt like it was right.

I let my head fall on the pillow and I relaxed completely. Justin must have noticed this, because slowly he began to kiss my neck again. Now, I kept my eyes closed not out of fear but out of pleasure. Each time he penetrated me, something built up inside of me that couldn't be compared with any feeling. It filled my stomach and made my heart beat faster than it already did.

"Oh God, Justin," I muttered and opened my eyes.

Justin's lips left my neck and his face appeared in front of me. He smiled at me, little beads of sweat on his forehead.

"You okay?" he asked and I smiled at him.

I nodded and he bit his lower lip before asking, "Deeper?"

Without knowing what that meant, I nodded again and Justin kissed me. I closed my eyes again and it felt as if Justin would go further away, just to thrust longer. I moaned into his mouth and he laughed as he thrust again. My nails pierced into his back again, each time deeper when he thrust deeper.

He mumbled something on my lips, but I didn't know what it was. His lips parted from mine and I opened my eyes.

Justin looked intently and said, "I'm... oh fuck... sorry, but you feel so good... damn it-"

It clicked in my head and I had to smile.

"It's okay," I said, and he bit his lip.

I could read in his eyes that he didn't want to finish without me, but with every thrust his resolve crumbled.

"Come on, Justin," I said, pushing my back through. Justin slid still deeper into me and he closed his eyes.

"Oh, fuck," he muttered, my grin widened.

I dug my nails deeper into his back in and he leaned back down to me so he could kiss me. A few thrust later, his whole body shuddered as he emptied himself into me and he was breathing hard. One of his hands reached down and he freed himself from me. Then he rolled off me and lay down next to me.

He chest was moving quickly and he kept his eyes closed; a hand on his chest, the other searching for mine. I crossed our fingers and leaned onto my arm, so I could look down on him. I didn't care that I was almost naked beside him; I had never felt so confident in my skin like at that moment.

Justin slowly opened his eyes and he looked at me tenderly.

"Sorry," he muttered and smiled shyly at me.

I shook my head and kissed him. Justin put his free arm around me and pulled me closer to him. As the latex touched my thigh, I flinched and Justin broke his lips from mine.

"Be right back," he said, standing up. He disappeared into the bathroom and I couldn't help but laugh relieved. I had always imagined my first time with someone I loved, and I was so glad it was Justin.

I laughed again with relief and moved a little so that I could slip under the covers. I opened my bra and threw it on the ground. Then I snuggled into my blanket and looked at the bathroom door. Justin came out of the room with a timid expression and I lifted the blanket and knocked on the sheet. His smile grew wider and after a few steps, he slipped to me under the covers. He stretched his arms out to me and I snuggled up to him.

"This was the best first date I ever had," I said, and Justin's body shuddered as he laughed.

I looked up at him and he kissed my forehead.

"Mine too," he said, kissing me on my lips this time.





I love them so much... they fit so perfect together! 

This chapter was so damn hard to write for me, I've never wrote anything like this before and I think I took like 6 hours to make it look like it is right now. What do you guys think? 

I really wanted to give you some song recommends that fit to this chapter, but nothing was good enough. Maybe you could share your impressions/ ideas with me?


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