Fire || J.B. {Sequel to Sparks}

"Justin is... He is not perfect. Our relationship is not different from others. We do have problems too, because we're an absolutely normal couple. We laugh, we fight, we have long talks... Justin can be the sweetest guy you've ever met or really annoying. He can be a real idiot... But he's my idiot and that's okay." - Melody Sullivan

| Book Two of Justin's and Melody's love story |


7. Christmas Gifts

The next morning I woke up in Justin's arms. I yawned and had to stretch a bit to be fully awake. Justin was still sleeping and his grip around my waist hadn't eased by my movements. I looked up to the hotel room ceiling, waiting for a change.

Shouldn't I feel different? More grown up? I still felt like myself. Nothing hurt, I was just still tired. I frowned, but then shook it off with a deep breath.

Carefully, I loosened Justin's fingers from me and grabbed a few of my clothes and disappeared into the bathroom. I removed my make-up quickly, combed my hair, and then took a long shower. The day yesterday... It was just perfect. And the night was the perfect ending. I had never felt better in my life. It felt as if I would be able to wash down all the stress of the last few months of me; finally my head was clear again. I enjoyed every single drop of water and the scent of raspberries surrounded me. When I stepped out of the shower a few minutes later, I got dressed, brushed my hair and blow dried it afterwards. I hummed something and when my hair was almost dry, I left the room.

Justin lay on his bed with his arms stretched out for me, his eyes closed and a big smile on his lips. I laughed and he opened one of the two and pinched the other.

"Come here," he said and I shook my head smiling while I ran up to him. Justin took me in his arms and hugged me.

"Better," he said and I kissed his cheek.

"Did the sound of the blow dryer wake you?" I asked and he shook his head.

"I was cold because you were no longer with me," he murmured, and I had to smile.

"You're so sweet," I said, kissing him again.

"And you're so minty," he said and I laughed.

"I'm getting ready and then we can go for breakfast, okay?" he said and I nodded. He smiled at me once more before he got up and grabbed his things.

I took my phone, went on Facebook, Twitter and all other social medias where I was logged in and had messages from Candice, Mel and Lauren. Everyone wanted to know how it went and if we were finally together now. I frowned. Were we together? I couldn't answer it myself...

Then I checked the rest of my messages and discovered one of Zayn. It was send that night.


Zayn Malik says: hey, Melody, it's Zayn. How's Hawaii? Hope you don't get sun burned, haha! Um, well, I'm texting you, because I want to know how's Lauren? She doesn't answer me and, I don't know, I'm just worried. Hope everything's okay x


Melody Sullivan says: Hey Zayn! Hawaii is pretty amazing! Hot weather and lovely people. Haha, thanks, hope so too! Lauren is... I guess she's fine. I don't know why she isn't answering you, maybe she forgot her charger at home, but probably because of Chaz. It looks like she's giving their relationship another chance... I'll look after her. Enjoy England until you come back! xx


What the hell? Lauren was ignoring Zayn's messages? I really hoped she forgot her charger... Or maybe she just needed time to figure out what's that between her and Chaz. Hopefully she didn't do anything stupid.

I winced, when my hair was pushed back and someone kissed my cheek.

"Better?" Justin asked when I looked to him. His hair was still a bit wet, but I couldn't concentrate on something else than this big smile on his face.

"Kind of," I said and he laughed.

He kissed me and said, "Wow, my girlfriend is one nasty girl." 

"Girlfriend?" I repeated and that single word sent chills down my body. His cheeks reddened and I smiled.

"Well, only if you, you know, want to be in a relationship with me?" he asked and my smile grew wider.

"Of course I do," I said and now he smiled relieved.

He leaned back down again and kissed me with passion. Then he gave me his hand and said "I'd love to get breakfast with my girlfriend." 

I stood up, took his hand and said, "Then let's get some, my cheesy boyfriend." 

He laughed and together we left our room. Hand in hand we entered the breakfast room and no one seemed to notice us. Parents were watching their kids, drinking their coffee, minding their own business. No one of our families was there so we got loads of food, ignoring the looks we suddenly got and sat down on a huge table. The food was delicious and many times Justin got up to get even more.

We were talking about everything and nothing at once and laughed so loudly that other guests felt disturbed and complained about us. But we didn't care at all, nothing would be able to bring us back down from the cloud we were today.

Slowly some of our friends entered the room; they all were sleepy and not in the mood to talk. They got something to eat and I looked to Justin.

"Shall we tell them?" I asked and he took my head.

"Sure, why not?" he asked and smiled at me. I smiled back and slowly we got nearer until our lips finally touched.




A shriek rang and I pulled back and looked up. Melara, Lauren and Candice stood in front of us  and looked really happy. The other guests were staring at us again and began to whisper.

"Did it really happen? Are you guys together?" Melara asked excited.

I looked at Melody who smiled happily and said "Yes." 

I looked back to the others who sat on the seats across from us now.

Lauren rolled her eyes and said, "Finally." Then she grinned and took a sip of coffee.

"You are such a perfect couple," Candice said and smiled.

Melara said, "Tell us what you did yesterday! Where were you?"

Melody and I smiled at each other happy again and then she began to tell.

In time, Chaz, Caitlin, Chris, Matt and Harry came and listened interested. When she was done Melara and Candice sighed dreamily to themselves, while Lauren just quietly said "Corny." She exchanged a small smile with Chaz.

Caitlin said, "I've lost my appetite. I think I have to puke." She looked at Melody deprecatingly, got up and left the room. Melara looked after her for a moment and then began to whine.

"That is so perfect. You never do something like that for me." She looked at Chris, who was sitting next to her and he rolled his eyes and looked at me with a Great- Job- Justin!- expression.

Matt smiled and Harry nodded encouragingly, saying "That's how you treat a girl."

Hours later, Melody and I were in the city again and had bought more Christmas gifts. This time I was with Chris and Melara, while she had gone with Lauren and Harry. I absolutely needed to buy her something special and I had a feeling like I had to make something up to Chris.

When we were back at the Hotel, we split up quickly and I went to my and Melody's room. She was gone by now, so I changed my clothes and went to the suite my mom had booked for this evening. My mom and I would celebrate this Christmas Eve with the family of Melody. Mrs. Sullivan was German, so they celebrated the evening of the 24th December like the rest of the world the morning of the 25th December. It was an awkward feeling, but I would get used to it.

The suite was quite large and had a huge living room. There stood a decorated Christmas tree and below lay some gifts. The Sullivans were already all there, so I said "Merry Christmas!"

The hours went by pretty fast. We sang Christmas carols and prayed for the people who weren't living in as good conditions as we did. Then we ate together and finally opened the presents. We thanked each other, laughed about memories and in the end there were only two small packets and an envelope under the tree.

Lauren picked it up and read, "One for Jus from Mel and one for Mel from Jus." She smiled at us and then took a closer look on the envelope and gave it to Melody. "It's for you."

Mel sat on my lap and now we both took a little package in our hands. "I'll count till three, okay?" she said. I nodded and she started, "One, two... three!"

We tore up the paper and held each a small box in our hands. At the same time we opened it and found exactly the same present therein. A silver ring; outside was "Mine" engraved and inside "Yours". I picked out the ring and tried it on, while Mel did the same. Thank God they were fitting, fortunately Melara was helping me with that.

Melody laughed, looked at me and said, "This is really amazing." She bent down to me and we kissed.




I looked back at the ring and couldn't believe it: we had bought exactly the same! I shook my head, smiling, and then opened the envelope. It was a card that has been kept fairly simple. It was in an elegant golden tone and it sparkled a bit. I opened the card and as I read the few lines I furrowed my brows.

In disbelief I stared at Justin and said, "You're kidding, right?" He smiled and shook his head, so I read the card again.


"Dear Melody.

I know how hard it is for you and how much you suffer under this. What I give you now... I knew that I would do it on your birthday. As we danced and you had told me more, I had already made the decision... So... Hereby I promise you solemnly to do everything possible that you can hear again. I have contacted the best doctors and even found a good clinic near us that has specialized on this kind of surgery. I'll pay for everything and stay with you as you long as you want me there.

- Justin x"


I turned to Justin and said, "Are you-? This is crazy, you can't be serious, right?" He nodded and my eyes filled with tears, "Oh my God!"

Immediately all eyes were on us, but I could see them anymore. Tears blinded my eyes and Harry made his way to us. "You okay?" 

I gave him the card and hugged Justin as tight as I could. Overjoyed, I cried and cried and cried. I sobbed and hugged Justin.




Melody gave Harry the card and clawed at me. She cried and sobbed, and the only thing I could do was to hold her.

Harry read the card and then looked at me in disbelief. But apparently there was something in my eyes that told him that I meant it completely seriously. He laughed happily and showed the card to the others. Lauren began to cry softly and came to us to embrace Melody. Mel stood up from my lap and cried with her sister. Her parents looked at me incredulously and then came up to me. Melody's mother looked at me, shaking her head and smiled.

Her father had his arm around his wife and said, full of happiness "Thank you," and handed me his hand.

I took it and he cupped so strong that it felt as if he wanted to break my hand. They returned to Melody to embrace her.

Then Matt came up to me and looked at me. "You’re probably the most awkward guy I've ever met," he said and we laughed.

By now I was quite happy that Melody's brother and I got along so well, even though we didn't have the best beginning. Matt and I made a handshake before he went back to his family and joined the mass hug.

I went to my mom and we embraced. "I've really fallen in love with Melody. She's a great girl," she said and I nodded.

We looked at my girlfriend who was still sobbing out of happiness. She looked back to me and broke away from the embrace.

"Ju-ju-ju-justin." She stumbled over to me and I quickly jumped up and caught her before she'd almost fell down. I established her upright and hugged her again. Melody pulled away and looked at me. A few tears rolled down her cheek and I wiped them off.

"What would've you done if we wouldn't be a couple now?"

I smiled and said, "That wouldn't matter to me; I would have given you anyway."

She looked at me blankly and asked "Why?"

I looked her straight in the eye and said, "Because you deserve to be happy. You deserve the best things in life and you should reach your goals. And because... I love you."

She looked at me only a little surprised, but then smiled and said, "I love you too." She stood on her tiptoes and kissed me passionately.


Later, we were arrived in our room eventually. Melody was in the bathroom to get ready.

I lay on my bed, the laptop on my lap; Facebook. Twitter.

On Twitter I posted only "Merry Christmas! Hope you have a great time as I do! I love you all! #Beliebers #bestfans". And then I went off the site again.

In Facebook I saw a few messages to me and wrote back. Then I went on my profile... on relationship status. The moment I clicked "In A Relationship" Mel came out of the bathroom. I looked up and she smiled widely at me. I put the laptop next to me and held out my arms.

"Come here..."

Slowly, she walked up to me, weighed every step, looking at me cheekily.

"Want to see me suffer?" I asked after a while. She laughed and walked faster now.

"No," she said and threw herself into my arms. I gave her a gentle kiss and pulled her closer to me.

“What are you doing?” she asked and sat next to me.

I put the laptop on my lap again and looked at my relationship status. I hadn't updated it so it was still officially on "Single".

I turned to her and asked, "Should I make it officially with us? Telling the world that you are my girlfriend?" Girlfriend. Melody was my girlfriend. Mine.

She looked at me, until she made a decision and shook her head no. "The hate Selena got when you were together... Wow. I would prefer it, if I would remain anonymous for a couple of months."

She smiled at me and I changed my relationship status. A few seconds later there were already numerous new comments... From "You're finally happy again. I wish you all the best :)" to "Wow, I guess it's time to kill a bitch again"; It seemed like everyone had an opinion about it, but Mel read the comments without batting an eyelash.

When she realized that I was watching, she said "They don't even know my name. That behavior is ridiculous."

I smiled and gave her a passionate kiss.

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