The Candidates

Imagine watching yourself die. How would you feel seing your smashed body against the hard ground? Do you think anybody would miss you? Or did they even notice your existence at all?

Jeg er lige begyndt på den her, og har derfor ikke så meget at sige til den endnu, men jeg håber på, at der er nogen som lige vil give den et kig! :3


2. An everyday evening - or so i thought.....

“Hey, you there, are you crazy or what? Get out of my god damn way!” someone yells.

I step to the side, and realize that I’m standing in the middle of the road. In this situation, it might be logical to get back on the sidewalk as fast as possible, so I direct my feet in the direction of the sidewalk. My name is Luna, and I’m 18 years old. I am currently studying at The City College of New York, and I am living with my mother and father in the center of the city. I keep reminding myself this kind of stuff, because no one else bothers to. I have no friends, so that I can concentrate on my education. I actually don’t have to remind myself of this, because everybody else bothers to remind me of right exactly this part by not talking to me. My education is the most logical thing for me to focus on, and therefore I don’t care that much about people in general. The only one I ever cared about was my father, but he passed away years ago, so now that distraction is out of the way, I guess. Sometimes I miss him, but not for very long time. That wouldn’t be logical.

“Auch!” someone cries, and I look up. I was so distracted by my thoughts that I didn’t even look where I was going. Apparently I have now bumped into some guy about my age, but a little taller. “Sorry” I mumble try to get past, but the guy won’t let me. Why won’t he let me get past???

“Hey, slow down, there” he says and tries to catch my eye contact, unsuccessfully. Apparently this guy is not just going to let me slip by.

“Are you all right?” he asks, still trying to catch my eyes. I determine that it might be logical to let him get the eye contact, because then he might let me pass by, so I slowly look up. I haven’t had direct eye contact for years. Our eyes catch, and I try to look away in the same second, but now my eyes are locked on his. His eyes have a dark blue color, with a slight tone of grey. Almost the same color as my favorite shirt, which I am wearing today. My eyes move from his eyes to the rest of his face. His skin is pretty pale, like my own skin. Maybe he spends most of his time inside too. His hair is pitch black, and covers his face with its wavy curves. For a second my eyes focus on his ears, which are pierced with several rings and spikes. That can’t always be particularly practical. My eyes continue scanning to his throat, on where he wears a collar with spikes and a ring in the middle. He wears a black leatherjacket with patches down his arm. I follow the arm and suddenly realize that he is holding my arm. I panic and strike back my arm in the same second, which unfortunately causes in me hitting him very hard in the stomach. He screeches and bends over, and I slowly start to back away. It wouldn’t be logical staying here and causing more accidental pain to this poor boy. I’m about to run away as fast as I can, but before I know it, the boy grabs my hand. I look back and expect a fierce face ready to knock me down this second, but…. The boy is laughing. The boy is actually laughing. How does that make any sense? I just nearly knocked you out, boy! What is the matter with him???

“Hey, wait!” he says between laughter. He catches my eyes again, even though I try to avoid it. “Where are you going in such a hurry, girl?” he asks as soon as he catches his breath again.

“I… I just….” I start mumbling, but can’t finish the sentence.

“You just what? You just nearly knocked me out here, the least you can do is to say sorry!” he says, and actually for once looks kind of serious. I start panicking again and try to get away, but then he starts laughing again. What is it with this boy and laughter? Does he not own any logical thought in his mind at all? Well, laughing wouldn’t really be that logical in this situation, now, would it?

“Relax, I’m not gonna hurt you!” he says with a wide smile on his face and grabs both of my shoulders to hold me still. I have no opportunity but looking him in the eye now. Even though he doesn’t seem like a serious kind of person, I feel like the wisdom is floating out of his eyes.

“Can you tell me your name please? If you’re able to speak?” he asks and smiles again. I snap out of it and search through my mind to find an answer to that question. What is my name? I keep on reminding myself, but right now I can’t think of it in any way. Instead, I try to figure out something else to say, just to say something and stop standing here looking like an idiot.

“Your eyes have the same color as my shirt” I say. What an answer. That might as well have been the most illogical answer to give in the given situation. I look away in shame, but he just burst into laughter again. What’s with that boy!?

“Well you sure are observant!” he says after a while and wipe the tears off his cheek. “Now, if I tell you my name” he continues “will you tell me yours?” he loses a bit of the laughter and tries to catch his breath. My name? Oh that’s right, my name is Luna! And I guess I would like to know his name, so I nod.

“You’re a person of few words, huh?” he says and let go of my shoulder. “Anyway, my name is Caleb. And what might be your name, my fair lady?” he smiles and tilts his head a little, still looking me in the eye. Caleb. So that’s the name of the laughing boy in front of me. Seems logical. “Well, I don’t know if I’m fair or a lady in any way” I say and think about my name again. Luna. It’s Luna! “but my name is….” I sink a lump in my throat before I continue. “my name is Luna” I finally say. How could it be so hard to remember my own name???

“Well, hello then, Luna!” he says, before he takes my hand and shake it without me even noticing. He laughs at my sudden reaction, and I can’t help but laugh with him. I guess I’m kind of off today. “Might Luna want to go have a cup of coffee with me, or is she too far out in the universe?” he asks and smiles at me again. Far out in the universe? What does he mean by that? Can’t he see that I’m standing right here in front of him? He sees my confused reaction and laugh at me once again. “You know, like, with your name meaning ‘moon’ and stuff?” he continues. Just because my name means moon doesn’t mean I’m out in space all the time, that would be illogical, do to that I don’t have a space suit. When I don’t react on his joke, he awkwardly scratches his neck and looks away for a few seconds. “But anyway, coffee?” he says and look at me expecting an answer. “I don’t like coffee” is all I can say. “Well, me neither, actually! What about tea, then?” he says and smiles, still a bit awkward. I could use some tea. I always drink tea when I need to sharpen my concentration, and I obviously need that today. Yes, tea could be logical. I nod and smile a little. His eyes brighten up, and all the awkwardness disappears as if it never existed. He reaches for my hand, and I take it without even thinking. That might be logical, so that I can go the same way as him and don’t just wander off like I usually do. He squeezes my hand tight, and starts walking in the direction of the nearest café. I squeeze back with a smile and follow. As I catch up with him, he smiles at me. “Out of curiosity, what do you do for a living?” he asks while walking. I study at The City College of New York. What about you? Oh right, it might be logical to say it out loud. “I study at The City College of New York” I say and push a hair away from my eyes. “How odd” he says and stops. “I study at The City College of New York too, and I’ve never noticed you before!” he looks at my face with a strange look. “You’re a very noticeable person. I mean, look at your hair!” I grab a lock of my hair, which is almost as white as white can be. I’m just about to say something, but then something changes in Caleb’s face. The confused face he had before turns into fear. Is he afraid of me now? Well, he’s a bit slow if he didn’t notice that I’m an albino before now. He starts backing off, and I back the other way not to scare him more than possible, but he drags me with him. “Watch out, Luna!” He yells and throws both of us sideways. I don’t realize until now, that a huge bus is coming right at us. He tries to shields me, and then everything turns dark.


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