The Candidates

Imagine watching yourself die. How would you feel seing your smashed body against the hard ground? Do you think anybody would miss you? Or did they even notice your existence at all?

Jeg er lige begyndt på den her, og har derfor ikke så meget at sige til den endnu, men jeg håber på, at der er nogen som lige vil give den et kig! :3


1. Prologue

What is love? Love is just a feeling, nothing physical. Love is created by a chemical reaction in our minds, so I guess you can never define true love, for all love is true, or else it is not love. Love makes you dizzy and makes you lose your concentration, which is unpractical. Therefore, you can conclude that love is unpractical. But now comes the question - if love is unpractical for the human being, then what do we even need it for? Why does love exist? Why would our own body make such a reaction that distracts us from our everyday life? What function is love really meant to have? What IS love?

I know what love is. Love is useless. 

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