The Girl From The Future.

People argue about curiosity being a quality or a flaw ,for a girl like Taylor Grace,it took her by surprise and sent her way back in time,to a different world and a different time than the time she used to live in.During her journey she met her father and his bandmates when they were around her age and things got more complicated for her when she started to fall in love with her father's bestfriend... who was like an uncle to her in her time.
How will Taylor go back to the future without disturbing the past events when she knows that a change in the past can have severe consequences on her own existence in the future?!!
A 1D fanfiction.... ♥♥♥


2. Chapter 2: He's my father's bestfriend..

Taylor was on her last year of high school,she was going to a private school with her brother Aden who was 5 years younger than her,she was a bright student even tho she was more interrested in music and dance ;Liam never wanted for his daughter to follow his footsteps ,he knew how hard getting famous at a young age was and he always wished to see her becoming a doctor or a business woman but never a dancer or a singer like him,he wanted her to love music but not to make it her future job.He already made the mistake with his seconde daughter Emily (2years younger than Taylor) who walked on his path and it only created conflicts between her and her sister ,fame got to her head way too much. 


It was another normal Tuesday morning,Taylor's alarm went off at 6:30am ,she turned over and over in her bed until 6:45 ,she got up ,run into the shower and got dressed for another school day.

"Goodmorning and good appetite everyone." Smiled Taylor as she walked into the kitchen.

"Morning sunshine,hope you slept well",replied Liam.

"Yep,like a baby,thanks dad" she said happily.

 "well then little baby ,hurry up,eat your breakfast or you'll be late for school and you said you had a test" interrupted Sophia.

 "Oh Sh**t ,I completely forgot about the math test!!", yelled Taylor,checking her watch.

"Language,young lady" scolded her Liam and Sophia in unison.

" Oops! sorry  ,I gotta go now ,I promised Ella to drive her to school ,dad please,take care of Aden cause i'm not waiting for him" 

"Alright! just drive carefu.." Half yelled Liam but he couldn't even finish his answer ,his daughter was already out the door.

"This girl will always amaze me." Laughed Sophia at her daughter's attitude.

"Yeah,me too.." Replied Liam smiling; 

"If only Emily was like her." he sighed and started to leave the table.

Liam,I'm really worried about her.We shouldn't have given her the freedom to choose fame over her studies." Replied Sophia ,attracting her husband's attention who stopped at the kitchen's door.

"Yeah,but we can't change the past now,can we? we can only try to convince her to go back to the normal life ,and we have to start by getting her and Taylor to talk again ,which reminds me that Taylor's Birthday is in 2 weeks ,why not invite her?" said Liam turning to his wife with hopeful eyes.

"That would be a great idea honey, but I don't think Taylor will be happy about it." she simply replied.

"Let's not tell her until she sees her at the party then."

"Now I need to go to the office and i'll drive this little man to school." Liam said smiling to his son.

Meanwhile in school:

"Heya ,Lucas :D ." Yelled Taylor as she saw her bestfriend walking towards them.

"Taylor,Ella!! how are you girls?"

"Greeeat!" They both yelled with huge smiles on their faces.

"Awesome,so I guess you're ready for the test then?" he asked simply. 

"A bit ,but not really,I mean it's gonna be easy like always." smiled Taylor.

"You only say that cause you're a geni.." replied Lucas but he was interrupted by Ella screaming.

"Whaaaat? What test? we have a test? Taylor how could you do that to me? ,you never said we had a test!! :O OMG! I think i'm gonna faint or die ,or faint then die!! :'( "

"Ella,relax girl,it will be alright." tried to calm her Lucas.

"I've been talking about this test for all week, last week and you kept asking me to shut up cause we still had time for it and I called you 3 times last night ,you weren't answering your phone -_- so excuse me if I couldn't revise for you" Answered Taylor mocking her bestfriend.

"What am I going to do? This time i'm dead!! :'( " Cried Ella.

"The only solution you have is move to Alaska and change your name cause if you screw this test ,your father won't hesitate to take you to the horrible school you were talking about!! " Said Taylor laughing so hard at her bestfriend's frightened face.

"Taylor stop scaring the girl, and don't worry the test is for the afternoon Ella ,so I'll help you revise during our free period. And if you screw the test,we'll try to find a way to convince Mrs Jones to give you another chance" said Lucas,to cheer her up.

"Lucas!!! You're my hero,I love you sooo much!! and you Taylor Go to hell!! :p " Joked Ella.

Lucas' face turned bright red at this situation ,he started to feel uncomfortable and Taylor noticed, so of course she had to ruin the moment.

" Now if you're done with all your flirting Romeo and Juliette ,we have a class to attend...." she said walking in front of them ,2mins later they followed her to the Biology class.

The rest of the day went pretty fast ,Taylor did very well in her test like always and so did Lucas ,Ella was scared but she tried to stay as confident as possible.

"Don't worry,EllaBee everything will be alright ,we won't let your dad take you away from us.. ;) Now what do you say about starbucks? " said Taylor to lighten the mood.

"I'm starving so anything's fine with me." answered Lucas with a little smile.

"I guess everything will be okay ,so yaaaaay starbucks!!!! :D " said Ella,jumping next to them.

Taylor laughed and started her car ,heading towards starbucks!! 

It was 6pm when Taylor got home! Her parents were already waiting for her since she was late.

"Where the hell is that girl?" asked Liam,pacing back and forth in the leaving room.

"Calm down baby!! she'll be here in a moment!" answered Sophia,trying to calm him down.

"Hey mom,dad ,what's up? " said Taylor as she walked in.

 "What time is it young lady? "

"it's 6:05pm but why are you asking for the clock ,your phone is right in front of you daddy!! " said Taylor,sounding all innocent.

"Taylor don't!! you exactly know what i'm talking about!! " said Liam,looking seriously at his daughter.

"yeah,I know! I'm very late and i'm sorry! it's just that I was at starbucks then the movies with Lucas and Ella ,I thought about calling but I forgot,sorry!"

"It's okay! I hope the road was safe and you're not allowed to go out after school for at least 3 days since you broke the rules!!" replied Liam now that he calmed down.

"Ughhh Daaad!! that's not fair!! :( ,you're talking about rules while Emily is doing whatever she wants with her life" yelled Taylor.

"Life is not fair honey,now go get changed,your uncles are coming around for dinner!! We'll talk about all of this later." 

"Uncles?? " asked Taylor with wide eyes.

"Yes!! Louis ,Harry ,Zayn and Niall!! and their wives, except for aunt Elisa (Harry's wife); the kids are a bit sick so she has to take care of them.. " replied Liam simply.

"Oh God noo!! that means i'm going to wash many dishes!!  " Cried Taylor.

"At least you didn't have to make dinner for more than 10 people ,now stop being lazy and go get dressed! " Interrupted her mother. 

"Fine!! " Sighed Taylor running upstairs.

20 Mins later....Taylor was back downstairs ,and she started to help her mother set the table.. when she was done and was sure there was nothing left to do ,she got back to her room,put on her headphones and layed in her bed listening to music but soon enough she drifted into a dreamless sleep..

When the guests finally arrived ,The Paynes sat in the huge leaving room with them and started talking but Harry's mind was away,he was preoccupied ,he didn't pay attention to what his friends were saying until he heard Liam calling Taylor to get down cause dinner was about to be served ,he looked up towards the stairs and without thinking he got up and walked towards them and said to Liam that he was going to get Taylor..

Liam only nodded!

Harry walked upstairs to Taylor's room,he knocked on the door and got no answer ,he knocked again.. Nothing, so he slowly pushed the door open and his gaze fell on a sleeping Taylor with her headphones on! He walked silently to her ;not like she could hear his footsteps anyway; and he carefully took the headphones from her ears and turned the music down... He was about to wake her up,but he stood there lost and confused,just staring at Taylor's beautiful face... when he finally woke up from his daydream,he slapped himself mentally ..

"I souldn't be thinking about her like this,she's only 18!! she's my bestfriend's daughter so she's like my niece maybe I just feel attached to her,that's nothing too serious!! Harry,c'mon,you shouldn't feel anything strong for her,you have a wife back home and two kids" he was repeating this over and over in his head..

So after a moment of debate with his mind ,Harry finally woke Taylor up... At first,she looked at him ,still half asleep when she realised what was going on ,she opened her eyes and jumped up from the bed into Harry's arms,

" Uncle Harry!!!! I missed you soo mcuh!! " 

Harry was taken by surprise at first the he laughed and said: I missed you too,sweetie! Now,wash your face and get downstairs ,everyone is already waiting for us around the table!!!

Alright!!! I'm coming! " she said smiling.

Harry got back to the dining room and Liam looked at him confused;

"what took you so long Haz? and why isn't Taylor with you? "

" Don't worry Li!! I didn't eat your daughter!! she's coming and what took me so long is the fact that I had to wake her up from a deep sleep!! and she had her headphones on ,that's why she didn't hear you calling.." replied Harry laughing. 

5mins later ,Taylor was downstairs,she greeted everyone and apologized for being late again!! 

The rest of the dinner was an exchange of various topics, Louis was still making jokes that made everyone around the table laugh.. after they finished eating ,Sophia asked her daughter to clean up the table and wash the dishes while she took care of the desserts..

Taylor sighed at the amount of dishes she had to wash and begin cleaning the table,while everyone was  in the leaving room eating desserts .Harry noticed that Taylor was missing so he got up and walked to the kitchen where she was,already cleaning the dishes..

"I don't know why mom still insists on washing the dishes with our hands,damn!! we're in 2038,with all this technology,the dishes should be thrown straight after the meals or they could use the robots,i'm not a maid to clean all this!! -_-" 

 Taylor was in her thoughts that she didn't even notice Harry walking in the kitchen!!

"Need any help sweetheart?! "

" Uncle Harry,you scared me!!! " said Taylor after she noticed her uncle.

" Sorry,sweetie,didn't mean to!! But I see that you have mountains of dishes to deal with so you wouldn't say no to me helping you!"

" I actually don't want to wash all this on my own,and I will need the whole UK to help me through this but I can't ask you to help me ,you're a guest and you should go have fun with my parents! "

" Taylor!! since when do you call your uncle a guest?? I'm a part of this house as much as you are and I'm even first in row before you!!! " joked Harry.

" Yeah!! you're right!! I didn't mean it like that ,I just don't want you to waste your evening washing the dishes with me.." said Taylor ,laughing at Harry's attitude.

"My dear Taylor,a time spent with you is never a wasted time!! you should always remember that!! " replied Harry,softly.

"Alright!! then why not put all this in the dish washer and go watch a movie?!!! "

"I don't know if your mom will be happy about it but you know what? you're not called a genius for nothing ,that's a great idea!! " said Harry,giving up.

Taylor laughed and with Harry's help they put all the dishes in the dish washer and walked out of the kitchen towards the movie room!! it was like a huge theater! They sat in the front row and chose a good movie... Half way through the movie ,The light of the screen shined on Taylor's face ,so Harry turned around and looked at her; amazed.. he again got lost in his thoughts;he knew he shouldn't feel that way but he couldn't help it ,she was like his niece but he couldn't help thinking of her as his princess ,Taylor turned her gaze and got face to face with Harry.. They looked at eachother deeply and somehow they started leaning in until their lips met.. It was magical at first,Taylor felt butterflies all over her body ,but when reality hit her ,she felt bad ,it was her first kiss and Harry was 16years older than her,he was her father's bestfriend so this was totally wrong,scared of the way she started to feel,she broke the kiss and run out of the room..

"Taylor!!! taylooor! wait!!!" Called Harry as he run after her.

Harry reached the second floor when Taylor locked her door ,he let himself fall on the ground in front of that door,a tear rolling down his cheek as he thought: what was I thinking?? She's only 18!!! she probably hates me now,she will never trust me again but I can't help it,she has that effect on me... Oh God,what am I going to do? 

After a while on that ground,Harry got up and went downstairs ,he told everyone that he had to go, so he left the house and got into his car, when Taylor heard a car ,she immediately walked to her balcony,only to see him drive away in the dark,she sighed and looked up to the sky,the moon was so bright tonight, then she thought to herself: he probably thinks that I hate him now.. :( but I have no right to love him like this,he's like my uncle.. my father's bestfriend..

With that she walked inside her room and got in the bed ,soon enough ,she drifted into a dreamless sleep with a mind racing with thoughts...


Meanwhile Harry,got to his house!! his wife and kids were already asleep but he couldn't fall asleep,he couldn't stop thinking about her... at the age of 34,he was married and had  2 kids but he was thinking about an 18 years old girl!! This can't be normal unless she casted a spell on him but then again magic didn't exist!! Whenever he thinks that he shouldn't feel something strong towards her ,he ends up feeling drawn to her, there is something about her that just lights a fire in his heart.


What will happen to Harry and Taylor? ,find out more in the next chapters of the story!! :D

I really don't know how I got these ideas so if you see that I need to change anything about the chapter or the story in general ,just comment your opinion below!! :) xo One Love ♥♥♥ Lady_L 

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