The Girl From The Future.

People argue about curiosity being a quality or a flaw ,for a girl like Taylor Grace,it took her by surprise and sent her way back in time,to a different world and a different time than the time she used to live in.During her journey she met her father and his bandmates when they were around her age and things got more complicated for her when she started to fall in love with her father's bestfriend... who was like an uncle to her in her time.
How will Taylor go back to the future without disturbing the past events when she knows that a change in the past can have severe consequences on her own existence in the future?!!
A 1D fanfiction.... ♥♥♥


1. Chapter 1: Meet Taylor Grace Payne.

Hello readers and fiction lovers ,this is my new story so just open your imagination and let :

Barbara Palvin: 


Take you to another world and charm you!! ;) ♥♥♥

So in this story Barbara plays the role of Taylor Grace Payne ,a normal teenage girl  ,well not so normal since she is the daughter of the one and only Liam Payne and his wife Sophia Smith.. The story begins in 2038 when Taylor's 18th birthday turns into a disaster and she runs away from home.. She then finds the door that will send her to the past ,to the time,when her parents were around her age, but how will she survive in an environement different from what she was used to ,and how will she go back to the future if she leaves a part of her heart back in 2014 after unconsciously falling in love with young Harry Styles ??

To be Clear: 

-In the story ,the boys aren't a band anymore since they are old and married now;but they are still the best of friends who see eachother very often.They are all past 30 years old.

-Liam has three kids and is married to Sophia Smith.

-Harry is married and has two kids ,and he's 16 years older than Taylor making him 34.

-Don't pay too much attention to the boys' ages ,the only thing that matters is Taylor and Harry's relationship through the story.

-Zayn is engaged and has a son named Walter.

-Louis is married and has a daughter "Daisy" and a son "Lucas" both twins.

-Niall is dating someone. 




So that's it for the introduction of the story ,I hope you'll like it ,leave your comments below... xo One Love ♥♥ Lady_L

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