The Guy At Hot Topic

Jade lives with her parents who isn't nice to her and makes her feel like crap. She wants to get out of this hell called home but she has no where she could stay. Until one day she met this guy at hot topic. They started talking and had lots in common. Read to found out what happens.


3. chapter 3

Zack POV

I'm from California, I love listening to music, sing, tattoos, piercings and going to concerts. I work at Hot Topic I love working there. I've been single my whole life. I hope I find someone someday. Almost every girl that comes up to me at Hot Topic always asks me out and fangirl over me because I'm attractive. I'm flatter that girls love me but I don't want to date a girl who creeps me out all the time no offend. The girls who came up to me they are all amazing but I'm still looking for the perfect girl who I can share things in common with.

Ever since I saw that girl in the park I really would love to meet her and talk to her. She is so beauitful, I hope I see her in Hot Topic or somewhere sometime. She different from all the other girls who come up to me at Hot Topic. She has long black hair, black clothing, snake bite piercings, black make up, bracelets and some tattoos. I could of walk up to her but I didn't want to scare her away. I'll just wait until we bump into each other then I'll talk to her.

When I got home I went to get ready for work. After I was ready I walk downstairs seeing my parents waiting for me this was odd. They never wait for me when i come down after I was ready to go to work. I wonder what this is about.

"Hey Zack, I'm sick and tired of the way you look all the time I wish you look normal like everybody else!" My parents yelled.

"I don't want to be like everyone else! I want to be different and this is who I am! If you don't accept for who I am just walk away and mind your own god damn business!" I yelled back at them.

"If you continue to look this way then I'm going to give you two weeks to move the fuck out!" My Mom yelled

"Find! I'll be looking for a house later online! So you don't have to look at my god damn face ever again!" I said as I slam the door on my way out.

I fucking hate my parents. I rather live out on my own than living in that hell hole called home. This is not exactly how I picture the day would start. I was having a good day until my parents start yelling at me for the first time in a month.

I drove to work and hopefully the rest of my day goes good. As the day continue on at work with girls coming up to me and wanting me to go out with them but I told them I wasn't interest in any of them and was looking for the right girl but neither of them I want to hang out with. Could this day get any worse? I wish it got better but I can just keep dreaming on about that one.

My shift was almost over great. Soon I'll be time to go home to search online for a house. As soon as I was about to grab my things a girl came up to the cash register. I look up to see it was the girl from the park. Finally my day just got better thank goodness.

"Hello, how many I help you?" I smiled

"I want to buy these shirts" she replies

I check in her shirts and put it in a bag and give her back some leftover change.

"Hey, are you that girl from the park i saw today?" I asked trying to catch up to her along with my things in my hands.

"Yes, I notice you too by the way" she said

"Oh, what's your name?" I asked.

"Jade, what's yours?" She asked

"Zack, I know we just met but do you want to go to the park?" I asked

"Cool name, sure I love too" she said

We walked to the park together and we both got on the swings.

"What bands you like?" I asked

"Motionless In White, Bullet For My Valentine, New Years Day etc..." Jade said

"Oh cool, same here" I said

"That's awesome!" Jade smiled

"Tell me a bit about yourself that if you want too" I said

"Well, my parents hate the way I look and calls me an EMO fag. They also hurt me. Ever since I dressed this way I either cry everytime they say mean things or hurt me. Other times I don't give a fuck" she said

"OMG! That's so mean. You don't deserve to be treated like that. My parents hate the way I dress too and so I have to found a house before they kick me out in two weeks" I said

"Yeah, oh!?" She said in a questioning voice.

"Yep, house hunting should be fun I guess. If you want you can come live with me once I have my own house" I said

"Thanks Zack" she said

"Your welcome anytime. Come here give me a hug" I said

She walks over to me and hugs me. All of a sudden I heard her cry so I rubbed her back to try comforting her. I took her to sit by tree and she cuddled into me which surprise me. I kept her arms around me.

"It's going to be ok I won't let anything bad happen to you. Here type your number in my phone" I said

She type her number into my phone and she hand me her phone for me to type mine in.

"Thanks for cheering me up but I better get going" she said

"Ok, text me later!" I said

"I will!" She said as she left.

I'm glad I got to meet her. I feel bad for her though. As soon as I get a house she is coming to live with me Cuz her parents are awful to her and I can't stand seeing a beautiful girl treated like that.


Sorry for the long wait I haven't been on this app in a while. Hopefully more chapters coming soon.

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