The Lies Are Filled With Truth

Archie has lived a strange past. He is now 83, but is reliving his odd story.
Lies got the best of him, and so did the truth. Which is the true culprit?

For the 'Nick Lake, There Will be Lies' competition


3. 1.

"Archie! Come over here!"

"No, Ma, I'm collecting rocks!"

"Does it sound like I'm giving you a goddamned choice!"

She never swore, and I knew this was big. Running over, I could see her humched over a whole in the ground.

"Before you ask, I am going to tell ya. I'm taking you with me on the same adventure I went on when I was young. It was very fun and exciting."

I didn't know that this was first lie.

I climbed into the hole and she went behind me. Once I got to the bottom of the tunnel, I looked behind me.

As I stepped out onto fresh paving, two armored security grounds rushed toward me and picked me up by the sides.

"It's for your own protection. I have orders to taken care of." And she waved real mockingly.

Protect me. That was her biggest lie,

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