Frozen Fever

This is a short story based on the upcoming mini sequel to Disney's Frozen. Its Anna's birthday and Queen Elsa and Kristoff Bjorgman are determined to make this the best birthday celebration ever. But Elsa's icy powers may put more than just the party at risk.


1. Introduction

It was a beautiful sunny day in the enchanting Norwegian kingdom well known as Arendelle. It was led by Queen Elsa who possesed icy magic powers and could freeze whatever she wanted or make it snow anywhere-even inside! Also helping the young woman rule over the kingdom was her youngrr sister Princess Anna, and the Official Ice Master and Deliverer Kristoff Bjorgman. Together the three helped keep the kingdom going and ensure everyone always stayed happy. As the birds dipped their wings across the glistening fjords, the morning sun slowly began to rise as shopkeepers opened up their businesses and some citizens already began doing their daily jobs. The kingdom was abuzz since today was the princess's birthday and she would be officially turning nineteen years of age.

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