Frozen Fever

This is a short story based on the upcoming mini sequel to Disney's Frozen. Its Anna's birthday and Queen Elsa and Kristoff Bjorgman are determined to make this the best birthday celebration ever. But Elsa's icy powers may put more than just the party at risk.


2. Chapter 1

Princess Anna was fast asleep in her bedroom with the beautiful morning sunshine pouring softly into the room, giving a angelic touch to the furniture and windows. Her strawberry blonde locks were tousled around in their bird's nest morning hairstyle like usual when she woke up from her sleep. She was still dreaming peacefully when a soft knock came to the bedroom doors which immediately signaled Anna to wake up. The Princess sat up in bed rubbing her eyes with a gentle yawn in her voice. "Anna? Are you up sweetheart?" Elsa called curiously. "Yeah! I'm...I'm..." Anna trailed off falling asleep again with her chin in her hands. She began snoring before waking up again her eyes half open. "What! Who's there?" The Princess yelled. Elsa softly giggled. "It's still me silly goose. Time to get up it's your birthday today!" Elsa reminded lovingly. Anna mumbled in her sleep: "It's my...daybirth..." Then the princess looked up seeing her birthday outfit hanging on a maniquin in front of her. She gasped happily her eyes now wide open. "It's my birthday!" The Princess ripped the covers off jumping out of bed, changed quickly doing her hair and ran down the hall Elsa following quickly behind her.

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