When Worlds Collide

A Harry Potter and Percy Jackson Fanfiction

The Dark Lord is Fated to rise again. Some time around Lily Potter's first year at Hogwarts.Certain Demigods are sent to investigate.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the recognisable characters.


3. The Evil Noseless Creep

"Soo, what you're saying is that the Evil Noseless Creep a.k.a The Dark Lord a.k.a Voldemort a.k.a You-Know-Who a.k.a He Who Must Not be Named a.k.a the dude who killed my dad (whoa this dude has a lot of aliases)(you know what I think I'll just call him E.N.C that is now short for Evil Noseless Creep) is back?" Asked Emma. "No not quite yet, but he will be back soon," Answered Professor Mcgonnagall. "Doesn't matter I ain't ever going back to England," replied Emma."And there is no way I'm gonna be protected by anyone ever," glared Lily at Professor Mcgonnall.

 "Well I'm afraid we must do what we must," It was just now that Emma found what was funny with their voices, stupid Emma, (Don't you dare) fine Emma. They had accents, British accents. Well to be fair to Emma Professor Mcgonnagall was so serious looking that it would be impossible to imagine her without a British accent and Lily, um, well Lily...let's move on, shall we? 

"And Miss.Potter," Prof. Mcgonnagall said turning to Lily "You are not being protected by her you both must be protected, we plan to put our heaviest forces around you," Emma opened her mouth to protest but then Prof. Mcgonnagall said turning to her," We should put our best but light forces around you, as we all know you can protect yourself," Emma was now seriously wondering how on Earth did this woman know so much about her."Can you show me your dagger? I believe it is Basilisk Steel?" Said Prof. Mcg (that's what I plan on calling Prof Mcg now but Emma isn't actually saying Mcg I'm just typing it.

Emma nodded and handed over her basilisk steel dagger to her.The dagger was made from the skeleton of a basilisk. Basilisk skeletons were hard but very flexible and her dagger on will could turn into any weapon she wanted like a bow or a sword.


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