When Worlds Collide

A Harry Potter and Percy Jackson Fanfiction

The Dark Lord is Fated to rise again. Some time around Lily Potter's first year at Hogwarts.Certain Demigods are sent to investigate.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the recognisable characters.


1. Chapter 1

Emma wore her Camp Half Blood t-shirt, her brown hair in a ponytail, and her wand which was made of silver with a soft minty green cushionon the handle at the bottom of the wand was a perfectly round misty blue stone which was called a (surprise) purple stone! Nah I'm just kidding it's called a bluestone. A woman with a very severe looking bun had just apparated into Camp Half-Blood. Emma just happen to be there at the time and saw with her was a girl with flaming red hair and brown eyes she was probably about about eleven years old. She saw that they both had a wand so she whipped out hers and said ,"Who are you and what are you doing at Camp Half-Blood?" The elderly woman with the  severe bun said," I am Proffesor McGonagall and I wish to speak to Chiron" For some totally stupid reason Emma completely trusted the woman-wait I mean Proffesor McGonagall."Alright I'll show you the way to the Big House, come with me," Replied Emma. She showed them the way to the Big House. When they went inside Seymour the leopard smiled at her or tried to leopards can't smile so what Seymour did kind of looked like a snarl."Chiron, you have visitors," Emma  called. Chiron emerged in full centaur  form when Emma saw that uh Proffesor McGonagall didn't look surprised she was surprised. They weren't demigods that was for sure because demigods didn't carry stick wands. They carried wands like her's if they were a demigod-wizard hybrid which were extremely rare like Emma was the only one of them rare. If they were children of Hecate then they didn't carry wands. Maybe  they were just plain wizards  and as a daughter of Athena she(as always) turned out to be right."Where is the chosen one?" Proffesor McGonagall asked.Chiron looked at me and replied,"The one you came in with,"" I know that Lily is one of them,Chiron" Chiron smiled and said I am talking about Emma," Emma felt like she shouldn't be here and started to  towards the door. "Emma if you would pleaseplease be so kind can you show Proffesor Mcg," said Chiron. Emma felt unsure,but she handed Proffesor McGonagall her wand anyway.When she handed over her wand Proffesor McGonagall gasped and said,"Emma Jenson, is that correct?" Asked Professor McGonagall,"Emma nodded. "And you father I believe is James Jenson?" The name sounded familiar Emma's eyes widened,"Yes Professor McGonagall 

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