Why Him

Learning to trust is the first step


2. welcome home

Maleah's POV

*at the airport*

Bye Auntie

Bye sweetheart i will miss you call me when you get there. Promise

Promise bye bye

I can my aunt cry while I leave on the way to the plane.

*Back at Sydney after I call my aunt*m

My aunt told my there would be a guy holding a sign that said my name on it. I was walking down the stairs then I see a familiar face it was my brother. I ran to him and jump on him and gave him a bear hug.

After we walk to his car it pretty nice.

Is this your car Michael

Yah why?

It's very nice

You wish you had this car, right

Shut up Michael

I was scared because I thought he would hate me because I left. Well looks like I would find out soon. It was quite for a long time. Until he turned the radio on and Save Rock and Roll by Fall out Boy. We sang the hole car ride it was fun.

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