Why Him

Learning to trust is the first step


5. the next house down

Maleah POV

He had brown eyes and brown hair. He had a black green day shirt on with a red and black flannel around his waist. And black skinny jeans. It looked skin tight. He had a couple of tattoos on. He looked so cute not even cute HOT .

*out of daydream*

Oh that's one oh my mates Calum Hood.

*the bell rang*

I get it Michael


As I walk down stairs to think it was mom. But it was the kid next door. At first he thought he was confused. Did he know who I was. Well I guess not.

Maleah Who is it? He ask

It's that kid next door?

He said, hey i am Calum Hood and what's your name princess.

I thought he was pretty cute until he opened his mouth and shit came out of it.

Wow what a first impression you must feel confused. Because I am not afraid to punch you, I explained in a annoyed way

You have fire I like fire. Sorry princess I was looking for Michael is he home?

I rolled my eyes and called Michael.

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