Why Him

Learning to trust is the first step


6. the Mates

Maleah's POV

The alarm went off at 6:00. So I got up and I hopped in the shower happy to start school. Then I got dried up and got my Nirvana shirt with high wasted shorts. I put black vans on and went to get my back pack off the hook. Once I went down stairs and Michael was rushing me I didn't even say bye to mom.

*At school*

We raced to the office. There was a sweet looking old lady behind the desk, but clearly once see saw Michael and I

She said, all ready got in trouble and used this poor sweet girl into it.

No I didn't Ms. Marry this is my sister she is starting school to day Michael said

Okay she handed me my things for school like my locker number, lock, gym clothes, and times for class.

Michael took all my thing and ran to his locker, because my locker was next to his and his mates.

Then that shit head from last night came running to Michael and I thought he did not see me well I guessed wrong

Well hello again princess I saw you this morning from my room.

I rolled my eyes and at the corner of my eye and saw two other guys coming. When they got to us I felt like a baby.

They guy with the long long legs said, who is this little cutie. I felt like a baby and I did not like it.

So I turned around and said, How old are you 17. Are you?!?

Yes he said.

Then I don't know why you are calling me a cutie if you are probably a few months older ok so SHUT UP.

Calm down Maleah, Michael said scarily

Fine who are you guys any way.

While I am Luke said the kid with the long long legs.

And I am Ashton said the guy with the long fingers.

No,I said what's you last name?

Oh Luke said his was Hemmings

Ashton said Irwin. What so what about yours Calum,Maleah said

Well princess my last name is Hood. What do you have for 1st

Room 213 Ms. Gomez science

Cool you are with us Irwin said


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