Why Him

Learning to trust is the first step


4. My room

Maleah's POV

Oh my gosh Michael I yelled

He ran all the way up stairs

Yes Maleah are you ok

How did you know

All I did was paint the walls put some things up on the walls and a king sized bed.

Are you kidding my how did you know I like these colors, bands, CDs, and records. How did you know how I put my records on the wall.

I just did what ever I liked? He said in a confused

Well you did it right, BUT I still need to go to the store.


I need a the bass, drums, and guitars.

We have that down stairs? And why do you need them?

Really wow did you know I can play nearly every instruments!


Yup and I also need a ease and paint and brushes.

You paint? Yah why

I did not know that. If I did me and all my mates would of got that.


Well... I was interrupted by a guy next door. I pointed at the window and I said, who is that?

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