The song writer

Mikayla is the song writer for 5 seconds of summer Calum has had a crush on her for like ever so what if one day Calum couldn't hide his feelings any longer
Calum Hood fan fiction if u haven't already noticed


6. Hello again

Calums point of view still 

"Do you want to go to my place?"I asked unsure if that was wierd or not "yeah sure"she said quietly I sghed in relief as soon as she answered I got up and waited for her to do the same we walked in silence and somehow her hand found its way into mine and I smiled we got to my place I didn't want to let go but I had to get my keys out of my pocket so I could open the door it seemed as if whenever they had to let go of each others hand he didn't want to even though it had I u happened twice He opened the door and they walked Inside "Make yourse at home."i said then realized he might have made her un comfortable by saying that "The last time we met we were interrupted"I whispered "Well hello again"she whispered back so silently that it was barely audible I couldn't do anything but smile

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