The song writer

Mikayla is the song writer for 5 seconds of summer Calum has had a crush on her for like ever so what if one day Calum couldn't hide his feelings any longer
Calum Hood fan fiction if u haven't already noticed


2. Any other day


I woke up and decided to go to the park so I did my morning routine at walked out the door I walked to the park I felt lonely a little lonelyer than usual I was taking a long stroll through the park when I bumped into someone 

Calums point of view                                         I woke up and did my morning routine then decided to go to the park I drove there then decided to take a walk I was thinking about Mikayla our song writer she is just so beautiful and so sweet and kind I none of the boys know that love her I was looking down and bumped into some one I looked up to see my favorite person in the world Mikayla.                               I I gave you a cliffhanger cuse I'm tired Lol


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