The song writer

Mikayla is the song writer for 5 seconds of summer Calum has had a crush on her for like ever so what if one day Calum couldn't hide his feelings any longer
Calum Hood fan fiction if u haven't already noticed


5. Any other day part 4

Mikayla's point of view 

I woke up to a door opening and closing it was Kaleb."Why are you home so late I said looking at the clock after turning on the lights."It's 4:00am you were supposed to get off from work at 7:00pm."I said with tears beginning to form in my eyes "Are you cheating on me I mumbled."No of course not why would you think that!"he shouted."Never mind."I said smiling.He would never cheat on me ever I thought going to bed

//////A Lot later that morning at like 12:00pm

Calum's point of view 

i was walking to the café that I took Mikayla to the day before thinking about her Beauty when I walk in I saw Mikayla she was crying I went over and say by her."What's wrong."I asked concerned."My boyfriend cheated on me."she said.How did you find out I asked so she told me."Well last night he came home really late and I wanted to know if was cheating on me so I was looking at texts and I saw that a girl asked when I would be gone so they could have fun so I left and told him I was going to the grocery store so I did and when I came back and I caught them."she said bursting into tears "Don't worry I said he didn't deserve you anyway."


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