The song writer

Mikayla is the song writer for 5 seconds of summer Calum has had a crush on her for like ever so what if one day Calum couldn't hide his feelings any longer
Calum Hood fan fiction if u haven't already noticed


3. Any other day part 2

Still Calum's point of view                                Hi I said a little more excited than I should be because she looked a little startled would you like to get breakfast or lunch or whatever you haven't had yet she made me nervous I don't know why yeah sure she said okay then follow me I said putting my hand out she put her hand in mine and I lead her to my car when we got to my car I just didn't want to let go of her hand it felt so right but I didn't want her to think I was weird so I opened the door for her to get in then went around and got in I drove to a small coffee shop we found a place to sit down and I didn't know how to start a conversation with her So how have you been lately I said good she said

After they ordered and ate.                                 Her phone started ringing so she answered it she didn't say much only Hello how are you and bye love you too Who was that I said hopeing it was family and not a boyfriend Oh it's just my boyfriend she said My heart sank I'll drive you home I said she gave me the directions to her flat she got out and said bye I sighed see you soon I soon 

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