Birthday Suprise

Hi my name is Alex I'm 16 and your average teen just super TALL. Lately my best friends Gwen and Vanessa have been secretive and if don't know why. Anyway my birthday is coming up so me and the girls are going to have a picnic but little did I know my life would change for the better.


1. secrets

Alex POV

It was a hot summer day in the middle of June actually a week a way from my birthday. Lately Gwen and Vanessa have been very secretive and they say they have a huge surprise for my birthday. My favorite band of all time is 5 seconds of summer, and more than anything I want in the world right now is to meet them. Gwen and Vanessa know this because I have not shut up about it and they are probably really annoyed. Anyway they are coming to pick me up so we can go to the park and eat.

Gwen POV

Vanessa has just arrived at my house and next we are on our way to pick up Alex.

~in the car~

We were listening to the radio when an add came up for a chance to meet the one the only 5 seconds of summer and go to their concert in LA. All we had to do was be the tenth caller, I was driving so I told Vanessa to call. It worked we were the tenth caller . Vanessa and I both decide that we would give it to Alex for her birthday. The radio station had to email us the plane tickets. Once we arrived at Alex's house we told her we had a surprise for her birthday. We rang the door bell and she answered and hoped in the car.

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