The perfect family

Let's just say we have the perfect family


1. how we meet

Tiffany's pov

I was walking into Starbucks for a hot chocolate and then when I get it some guy bumps into me and the drink spills and me I look up and it is a cute guy,he has brown hair and brown eyes.he said,"I am so sorry let me get you another one I will pay"

"No no it's ok it wasn't that hot and I'm fine without it"

"Ok but at least let me take you out for dinner tonight"

"I don't know"

"Come on you can even ask the manger,he knows me"

"Ok fine here put your number in"

I handed him the phone and I looked at the name and it was turtle

"Why turtle?"

"Because if somebody looked at your phone and saw my name they would freak out"

"What is your name?"

"Liam Payne from One Direction"

"Who's one direction?"

"What!you have never heard of one direction we are the most famous boyband and you have never heard of us!im guessing that you don't get out much?"

"Ok and yes I do get out much I just don't have Facebook,Twitter,etc."

"Oh so you don't have a social life"

"What ever I will text you my address and what time and theme?"

"Ok um....2:00 and fancy but not to fancy"

"Ok then see you later"

I walked away as just so you know I was faking about the I don't know who you are thing.I JUST GOT LIAM PAYNE'S NUMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!when I got home it was 11:00 so I have 3 hours and my friend/sister Dakota was asking what toke me so long and why I smelled like chocolate.I thought why don't I ask Liam if we could do a double date/blind date with Louis and Dakota.I texted him

T-hey I was wondering if we could do a double/blind date with Louis and my friend/sister Dakota

L-ya that would be cool and am I still picking you up so they meet on the way there or am I meeting you at the restrant?

T-um...restrant what is the name?

L-the name is "desert jade"( real place )

T-ok I love that place!

L-ok see you there!

T-you too!

I told Dakota that we are going to go to desert jade for dinner so I said to get dressed and a little fancier this time.wen we got there Dakota saw the car that Liam owns and she screamed bloody murder.

D-why is Liam tricking Payne's car here!

T-nice cover you will see

D-shut up and explain now!

T-so you know how it toke me so long the get some hot chocolate?


T-well I kind of bumped into Liam and he spilt the drink on me and offered to buy a new one but I refused and I acted like I didn't know who he was but it have hard because I felt like I was exploding inside and he said that he wanted to have dinner so that's when I thought double/blind date and also I got his number



We went inside and Liam and Louis was at a table in the corner.I went over to them and introduced Louis to Dakota.they talked and talked and so did we and when the food arrived we were still talking and talking.when we got home from the perfect date we fell asleep


Hi hope you all like it and sorry for at the end with the underlining it is stuck like now but only PERFECT was underlined so bye anti spoons

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