The After Gossip!


1. Pilot

This is what happens after Serenas and Dans wedding in the last episode of gossip girl!

Eric might be a teeny bit different and possibly other people might also change from the tv show but hope you like it!

The last things from the party were being cleaned up. The caterers were working their heads of trying to get every last shrimp off the ground. Someone had passed out on the couch.

-Woaw what happened here? Serena was heaving herself from her awkward position squished to a guy too close. A guy not her boyfriend, not Dan.

-I think it should be me asking you that!


Lily stood over Serena looking very cross.

-Why is my wardrobe belonging shattered across the house and why isn't Dan here?

Lily was totally not pleased with Serenas epic party trashing their flat.


-Yes the guy you fell in love with in 9th grade then got married to yesterday!

Oh no what have I done?! Serena thought as she started to regain her consciousness

-Serena? Don't tell me you cheated on your husband the day after you got married!?

It was all starting to clear now. The guy laying on top of her was not just smelling her perfume to close he was actually the guy Serenas had kissed and then done that with...

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