More than Friends

Travis and Macy have known eachother since their freshman year of college. Travis has always had a secret crush Macy but she won't give him a chance because she doesn't want to ruin their friendship. When a drunken night together happens, will feelings change?


2. Travis part 1: continued

    "Don't worry, I recorded it. I'm heading to Macy's house. Her and Derik just broke up." 

    "Dude, when are you just going to tell her that you love her?" Cade smirks. 

     "I don't 'love her' she is my bestfriend." I say with a sarcastic tone. 

I stroll out with long strides to get to Macy. Believe it or not, I need her more than she needs me. When I get to her apartment, I quickly knock before her creepy neighbor tries to talk to me. When she opens her door, I examine her. Her eyes are puffy from crying and he hair is slicked back into a loose ponytail resting against the side of her shoulder. She is wearing a loose sweatshirt, with my favorite black leggings, and the fuzzy socks I bought her for her birthday. She looks hot. As soon as she sees me, her eyes fill with tears and she gives me a hug wrapping her arms around my neck. As soon as I come in, she says smiling, "Somehow I knew that you would show up here."

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