More than Friends

Travis and Macy have known eachother since their freshman year of college. Travis has always had a secret crush Macy but she won't give him a chance because she doesn't want to ruin their friendship. When a drunken night together happens, will feelings change?


3. That Night

    "Macy, I knew that the last thing you would want is to be alone right now." 

She smiles and asks "What's in the bag?" 

So I pull it up and rest it on the table. When I unzip it, the first thing she pulls out is the rainbow frosting. 

    "My favorite!! Oh and my favorite cupcakes! You are the best!" 

    "There is more!" I say with a laugh.

She pulls out the wine and examines it. 

    "3 bottles huh?" She smirks at me.

    "Well I knew that you would finish them all." I say lying. I just wanted to get her tipsy so she will flirt with me. We always end up cuddling when she gets drunk. I love being by her side. 

I start to pour her a glass while she starts making the cupcakes. You can already tell how much more happy she is with me. I just wish she saw that. When she reached up to get us two glasses from the cabinet, my eyes shot straight to her perfect ass as the sweatshirt creeped up. I had seen her ass plenty times before, but these leggings by far were my favorite. 

    "I'll set up the scrabble!" Yeah, while I try to hide my hard on. 

    "Okay!" She says pouring herself another glass of wine. 


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