More than Friends

Travis and Macy have known eachother since their freshman year of college. Travis has always had a secret crush Macy but she won't give him a chance because she doesn't want to ruin their friendship. When a drunken night together happens, will feelings change?


5. Chapter 5

Travis POV


Hovering on top of her trying to 'get the directions from her' was such a good excuse. I look down at her ocean blue eyes and it's if I am swimming in the sea. I can feel it as she stops fighting me for the directions to the game and moves to my gaze on her. Her breathing hitches and she takes a deep swallow. 

But something stops this all when she smells the cupcakes. 

"Cupcakes are d-done" Macy nervously says under me.

"Oh! Good." I say sort of in a groaning manner trying to lift myself off of her to get up. 

Once we start digging into the delicious cupcakes, we start talking. Mainly we talk about hanging out with our other friends, Lilly, Baylee, Jack, and Cade my roommate. Even though we were all friends together, me and Macy were the closest.

Once we finished up, we head back into the living room, turn the tv on, and sat down on the couch right beside eachother. I could feel her arm slowly wrap around my waist and her head rest on my chest. 

"Thank you for the wonderful evening Trav." Macy says grabbing her wine glass and taking another sip. I can tell she is becoming very tipsy and I love it. 


She slowly gets up and stretches out like she is getting ready to go to sleep and she takes her sweatshirt off. When her sweatshirt is off, all she is wearing is a white wife beater and I can see her tempting red Lacey bra underneath.. It's very distracting so I do my best to just keep watching tv. She sits back down and I put my arm around her moving my eyes down to look down her shirt. Very classy of me, right? I just couldn't help it. I don't even think she knew how bad she was tempting me. 

I start moving my arm around wrapping her torso and I can feel the bottom of her bra. I start to subtlety play with it not giving too much away. I look at her, and she doesn't seem to notice. Thank god. 

After awhile, she shuts the tv off and says, "Hey Travis, can I ask you something?" 

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