More than Friends

Travis and Macy have known eachother since their freshman year of college. Travis has always had a secret crush Macy but she won't give him a chance because she doesn't want to ruin their friendship. When a drunken night together happens, will feelings change?


4. Chapter 4

Macy's POV


I really am having a tough time through this breakup. But having Travis here is oddly, comforting. I usually haven't ever thought about Travis in that way before because he has always been my best friend. Maybe it's the wine starting to get to me, but Travis looks hot tonight. 

Travis, with messy brown hair and a slender body, showing off his body by wearing an old t-shirt cut off and some black basketball shorts. I never noticed before, but Travis is a definite catch. But I didn't want to let him know that. I know he was usually the clingy type with his past girlfriends and I didn't like clingy. 

When I came to sit next to Travis on the couch while he set up scrabble, I made sure to bring the wine and our two glasses. 

"Okay, you ready to get dominated?" Travis said looking at scrabble. 

"In your dreams!" I laugh. 

Travis puts his last word on the board and and leans back. 

"Ha! Pantalones!" 

"That is a Spanish word Trav! You can't use that!" I exclaim rather playful. 

"Oh yes you can!" He says, grabbing the directions out of the box.

"Nu-uh!" I say grabbing them out of his hands.

before I know it he has tackled me and is on top of me trying to get the directions back. I won't let him have them back though. Partially because I may like the position we are in right now.

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