Coming Home

You'll find out when u read the book


2. Running away


"What would you like in a family?" I thought to my self since he always ask's me that..

"Nothing much just a caring family-"

I heard the nob put my profile fast and sat in my seat really fast..

"So what would you like in a family?"

"Not much just a happy and caring family."

"Ok well that's all do you want me too take you to the or-"


"No" I quickly cut him of "I'll take the cab remember I work as a babysitter and I'm 13"

In the garden there were some teenage boys  some of them were fighting and told the other guys were talking then they noticed me and looked at a curly guy then at me and on until 5 minutes later they came up to me I was smiling at them and I said 

"Which one of you is Harry Styles?" I said a guy with curly hair raised his hand I ran up to him and yelled,

"Daddy!!" I said excitedly he gently pushed me away too look at me.

"Alice?" he said with a hint of hope 

I nodded and he picked me up and hugged me.






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