Coming Home

You'll find out when u read the book


3. Meeting my father

HELLO THERE MY BOOK WORMS I FINALLY DECIDED TO TALK TO U GUYS SOOO I HOPE U LIKE MY BOOK BEY~Ariana~ ------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Alice!!!!" He yelled he was giving me kisses nonstop I giggled.

"Harry you didn't tell us that YOU had a Daughter" A guy with black hair and blue eyes told him....


"Well I have to tell you guys all about what happend hey Alice your welcome to go inside ok go to the room labeled with an H ok."




Harry's POV

 "So guys it all started when I was 15 I accidentally got some girl at school pregnant and she told me that when Alice was born she would put her in the foster home but she didn't tell me which one so when Alice was born she had asthma and heart problems so she gave her to the Foster home so I've been looking for her but gave up then we all formed as a band and now she's here."

"OK!!!!!!!!" Louis yelled.

~5 minutes later~ I heard some screaming so I jumped up and went to my room and Louis was tickling her to the death and I sighed and left the room... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So hey guys I still need some co-authors And I won't update until I have 7likes and 4 favorites

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