Sixteen year old Jason Thorne was a different boy. He thought the whole world was against him, when in reality all who was against him was himself. Until he found the light to his darkness, Tessa Summers. She helped him in ways you would never understand. But what happens to Jason was one of Tessa's promises are not fulfilled?

{Entry for the "There Will be Lies" competition. I really hope you enjoy.}


1. Prolouge


    Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

My eyes watched the clock tick on and on. Clock are such a strange thing. Wouldn't you agree with me? I mean they are a device that this whole world uses, and have been using for such a long time now. What if we didn't have clocks? How different do you think this world would be? in my personal opinion, I think the world wouldn't be all that different. But who cares about my opini-

"Jason. It is your turn to present." A voice broke through the barrier of my thoughts and brought me back to the present moment. I shook my head slightly, then glanced up to the voice that brought me back to this foul place. Ms. McKinney. My English teacher, or should I call her by her real name. The monster.

I exhaled a big breath of air, and slowly arose to my feet. The whole class had there eyes glued to me. I could sense it. And I didn't like it. My feet carried me to the front of the class room and I scanned the faces of my fifth period English class. They all had the same expression on their faces, done. They all looked completely done. None of them wanted to be here and I bet none of them were going to even be paying attention to the essay I am about to present. But that really didn't phase me that much.

I cleared my throat very loudly, just to make the whole room irritated and annoyed before I began to speak. "My essay is about promises." I spoke semi loud towards my fellow classmates as I dug into my pocket and retrieved a crumpled up paper that contained my essay on it. I could hear my teacher sigh, and I knew she was shaking her head. She always has to tell me to keep my paper neat. But I never listen.

Once my paper was as neat as I could make it, I began to read. "I have a question. This question has always been unanswered to me for some reason. What does promises actually mean? More precise, what does promises mean to you? In my belief, I think it means something you can break whenever you want. And as you break that promise, you have no clue you are destroying the person you made that promise to. You loose all that persons trust, and respect for you, not only as a person but a friend. Isn't it weird how well you think you know and trust someone, then they blankly go behind your back and stab you right in the back. If you are going to make me a promise, you better keep you word. You expect me to stay by your side when you cant even keep our promises? Why should I waste my time on someone that can't even try keeping them? Promises are meant to guarded with everything you have. You know, I can't even trust you anymore. And I thought you were different. Remember when you told me I can trust you, I promise? What the hell happened to that?" As I finished my throat hurt slightly and I was kind of out of breath because I had began yelling half way through the essay without even realizing it. My eyes were locked with the one person who this essay was dedicated to. Her mouth was half open, and those bright blue eyes were full of confusion and hurt. This girl was the one that destroyed me. Her name is one I will never forget.

Tessa Summers.

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