Through everything

Takes place at the start of the fourth year. It will include the main cast plus the characters I add the four people I added and of course 5 seconds of summer. I will try to make it as close to the fourth as possible. Which means that I will have other stories to follow. The main character will be Anna Eversteen. The rest you will have to read to see. I hope you will all enjoy this story.


1. chapter 1

 I wake with a groan as the door slam open knowing its Hermione coming to wake up Me, Lucille, and Ashilie. I place my pillow over my head but feel it pulled from my grasp. 


  "Wake up Anna" Hermione says shaking me.


  "Cant we have a few more minutes" Lucille begs sitting up.


  "You guys have 20 minutes to get downstairs before Mrs. Weasley calls us down for breakfast now get up I have to go wake up Harry, Ron, and Ashton. Luke, Micheal, Calum, Fred, and George are already downstairs" She says heading to Ron's room. 


 I groaned not wanting to get up but I get up anyway. Lucille had already left for the bathroom to get ready. Ashilie was looking through her clothes for the perfect outfit to wear today. We are all going to the quidditch world cup. I grab an outfit and head to a different bathroom than Lucille. She is a bit of a girly girl so she takes forever in the bathroom. Though it pays off because she always looks great after. I hurry into the shower then dry off, using this spell hermione taught us to dry my hair. I quickly brush through it watching as my brown hair fell down past my shoulders in slight curls and apply lip gloss and my eye liner before heading out to let Ashilie use the bathroom. 


 I make my way downstairs were mrs. weasley is making breakfast in the kitchen. 


  "Hey Mrs. Weasley would you like some help" I ask moving to where she is cooking. 


  "Thank you dearie but i've got this under control go sit with your friends" She says hugging me and motioning to the living room. 


 I went into the small living room where Harry, Ron, Hermione, Jemma, Bri, Luke, Ginny, Fred, George, Calum, Ashton, Ashilie, Micheal, Lucille, and Mr. Weasley reading the Daily Profit. To say it is crowded here is an understatment. We all like it though. I sit down next to Lucille listening to the boys talk about the tournament. 


  "everyone breakfast hurry up you have to head out for the tournament" Mrs. Weasley calls. 


 We all rush over to the table to eat and then we grab our stuff heading for the camping site we would be staying at. 

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