Kiss my ass

I was the bottom of the bottom of pupils and therefore my mom had to send me to a special school. There went all the students that no one else wanted. We were all the ones as the teachers hated and the school teachers continued to hate the students. Little did I know that there was rape, the teachers took advantage over the students, and that my life would change.


6. When right is wrong

I hated Simon, the teacher who wanted my boyfriend. The more lessons that he had, the more grew my hatred towards him. He was an idiot who pined for boys. He walked past Harry and I saw that his hand lightly brushed against Harry's shoulder and it wasn't an accident. Harry froze and I saw at him that he was about to fly all over the teacher to hit him. Simon smiled wryly and he then looked at Niall. I didn't even hear what his lessons was about. I just saw what he did and I hated him.


"Just take it easy!" Harry whispered to me. He took my hand and he pulled me along the corridor. I sighed and I looked down at the floor.
"I saw." I whispered. Harry smiled at me.
"I know you did, but we he doesn't do anything more when he's in a lesson."
I looked at my boyfriend and I wondered why he was so calm?
"But he..."
Harry stopped me and he looked straight into my eyes. I felt he squeezed my hand and he swallowed.
"We can't do anything about it." he whispered hoarsely. "I understand that your mat at him but the rest of us are accustomed to that the days are like this."
I chose to be silent. I understood that we wouldn't get anywhere about the teachers. Harry pulled me to the next lesson and I had to stop thinking about what had happened.




When the day was over, Harry chose to come along to my room. We lay down in my bed and I lay with my head against his chest. Harry ran his hand through my hair and he seemed to like that we were there.
"How do you stand with this?" I asked quickly, and I looked at him. "Simon touched you and you are calm?"
Harry swallowed. He looked up at the ceiling and he frowned.
"I would kill him if I got a chance." he whispered. "But I also know that I have eyes at me. The headmaster know about what teachers do and the only thing we can do is to resist when they come to our rooms. During the lessons, we'll just sit there and smile."
I sighed. Talk about that no one cared about us students. We were left to fate and we couldn't even report to the police about what the teachers did.
"Has it always been like this?"
Harry nodded, but then he shook his head.
"I don't know, but I think that everything has traced out. The whole damn life's hell and we are in the middle of it."
In a way, I wished I was still at my parents house, but then I hadn't meet Harry. I wondered if I could somehow contact my home and tell the truth, but at the same time wouldn't my parents believe in my words. I had lied to them too many times.
"What should we do about it?" I asked. Harry looked at me and he had no answer.
"We'll survive." he whispered. "We survive and we hope that one day they let us come home."
I nodded.
"And how do you get home?"
He smiled weakly.
"You take care of your grades and you show that you are a normal human being. It's rare that the headmaster let us out, but I know my day will come."
I nodded.
"I hope that I can return to my normal life one day."
Harry nodded and he watched me closely.
"We'll make it." he whispered. "and when we get home I'll look you up and we'll stay together."
I giggled. There was a tingling in my stomach. He wanted to be with me forever?
He laughed and he kissed me on the forehead.
"You dare not leave me." he said cheerfully. "You will never get rid of me."
I blushed and I tried to hide my delight. I drew my hand across his chest and I felt that I tingled all over.
He laughed and he pulled me up so that my face landed above his. Then he forced me to kiss him. I loved his kisses and I was getting used to them. He pulled me up so that I landed on top of him and I felt the whole he loved me. His love was larger than life and I loved knowing it. I moaned quietly as his hands slid over my back. I felt through the fabric how he was hard down there and it was the first time as I experienced such a thing. Harry groaned and he was desperate. He kissed me hard, intense and I liked it. I had no experience about that with kisses and sex, but I felt my abdomen came to life. I started to rub myself against his hard part and directly Harry started to move on his hip. He took his hands over my butt and he made sure we both became affected. I spread my legs and I moved harder against him. He answered every movement and eventually he ended the kiss.
"Shall we do it?"
I gasped.
"You mean... sex?"
He moaned and he pressed it hard up against me.
"Yes, I want to fuck you."
I wasn't sure and I was scared. I understood that I had influenced him to want that, but at the same time, I didn't  want to totally let loose.
"No..." I knew he was disappointed. "I'm a virgin."
Harry was glad. It was like he didn't care about my no. He continued to move on his hip and he continued to affect me.
"Are you serious?"
I nodded. Damn, I felt small. Nevertheless, I was at once irritated. He didn't believe me?
"Is it wrong if I don't do it with everyone?"
Harry shook his head and he continued to smile. He moaned and I felt how he got my abdomen to vibrate with pleasure.
"It's like riding a bicycle." he whispered hoarsely. "Once you begin, you become addicted."
I sat up. I don't know why, but I just wanted to get away from his face. I was still sitting over his hard part, but I wasn't close to Harry's face.
"And you mean we have to...?" I realized that I said one thing, but my body wanted something else. Harry pressed it between my legs and I moaned. He held his hands tight around my waist and I realized that he was horny.
"We don't need to do that, Sam." he muttered hoarsely. "But we can always make it nice for each other?"
I frowned.
Harry quickly spun around so that he landed on top of me. I felt how he pushed me down on the bed and without asking for permission he had a hand slide down. He took it inside my pants and I felt his fingers began to caress me. I gasped.
"You shouldn't..."
Harry didn't care. He sat up quickly and he pulled down the zipper. He laid down on me again and his hand slid back inside. I don't know what happened to my body, but my body steered me. I felt how he got my reason to be crazy. I took my arms around his neck and I forced him to kiss me. His fingers caressed the area down there and I was shaking like a trembling kitten. I felt my breathing became heavier and I moved towards his hand. Harry let his tongue slip in between my lips and I was barely aware of what was happening. His fingers moved faster and finally I couldn't even think straight. I spread my legs as much as I could and I bumped me up against the hand. I whimpered and I landed in a dream. Right as it was, I began to shake uncontrollably and a pleasant feeling went straight through my body. I didn't realize it was an orgasm until it was over.


"Well what did you think abut that?"
I was out of breath and I opened my eyes. He smiled with his whole face and he wanted an answer.
"Unbelievable..." I whispered hoarsely. He removed his hand and quickly he sat up. His smile was so big that I thought he would burst. Harry quickly went to the toilet and he washed his hands. He came back and still he was happy.
"And now you must help me."
I gasped.
He grinned and he lay down on the bed. He lay with his back against the mattress and quickly he unbuttoned his pants up. I didn't dared to look at his boner when he pulled it out. He grinned and he put his arms under his head.
"Touch me!"
I lay down next to him and I let my hand slide down there. I didn't looked at it, but I obeyed him. I felt that it was hard, it was big and I chose to look at Harry's face. He closed his eyes and he continued to smile. I let my hand slowly sliding down over his boner and then up. Harry groaned.
"Faster, Darling!"
I obeyed. I saw on his face the whole time. This wasn't something I liked, but I realized that everyone else surely did the same thing together. My hand was working all over his boner and I felt how he unbuckled the entire body. His breathing became deeper and he twitched with every muscle. He started bringing her hip up and down and he opened his mouth.
"So good." he groaned quietly. "Faster!"


Afterwards I was disgusted. I should do that for him, but still it felt wrong. I washed my hands thoroughly and I realized that I would never have sex with one guy. Just the thought that he would bring that thing in me, made me feel bad. I also realized how desperate I didn't want that a teacher would look at me. I realized I was in a trap. However I turned around, everything would be about sex.




"You are silent?"
Perrie looked at me. I looked down at the food and I pulled the fork over the sauce.
"Am I?"
She smiled and she leaned slightly toward me.
"What happened?" she whispered curiously. I chose to look up from my plate and I saw at Perrie that she wanted to hear the truth.
"Harry wants ... he wants to do that thing with me."
She lit up.
"He want to fuck?"
I gasped.
"Stop, I just mean he wants."
Perrie burst into a roar of laughter.
"And what's the problem?"
I frowned and I was annoyed at her. Talk about that no one understood me.
"I'm sorry I even brought up the subject." I mumbled cold. She stopped laughing, but she smiled big.
"Come on!" she whispered hoarsely. "All the guys want to do it and what's the problem? It's just to let him enjoy your body sometimes. That's all?"
I swallowed and I stopped in food in my mouth. I swallowed and I looked at her again.
"Perrie, all the girls don't want to have sex."
She didn't seemed to care.
"It's natural." she said instead. "Just wait for the right moment and then just do it. What's the problem?"
I looked down at the food again.
"I'm a virgin."
I whispered the words as if they were banned. Perrie gasped and she just stared at me.
"Oh?" she got up. "So that's why?"
I nodded and I blushed with my whole body.
"So it's not just ... to do it."
I was startled. Without being prepared for it, I felt two hands on my shoulders. Someone was behind me. I felt his hands almost hugged my shoulders so that it hurt.
"How are you?"
It was Simon's voice and I froze. I neither opened my mouth or dared to say anything. Perrie was quiet and I saw at her that she felt the same hatred as I did.
"Good!" she replied cold. Simon continued to hug my shoulders.
"Interesting topic that you're talking about."
Shit. He had heard what I had said. I didn't know what I would do or say. He released my shoulders but he stood still behind my back.
"Interesting that some girls aren't like everyone else." I heard him say hoarsely and I realized he was talking about me. "Being a virgin is worth more than not be so."
I saw that Perrie was angry and she glared at Simon.
"And you teachers are quick to fuck it all up?"
He laughed cold.
"No, you are wrong." he said hoarsely. "We are teachers and we will teach you students about how the world's, outside of this house."
Perrie disagreed.
"By fuck?"
He groaned. He didn't seem happy that she told that to him. He quickly disappeared off and I could take a breather. Perrie didn't seem relieved.
"Damn!" she exclaimed instead. "Now we have to keep an eye on you."
I was startled.
She sighed and I saw that she was scared.
"He will try to do it with you." she whispered. "The rest of us need to keep you under surveillance now."
I was scared.
"But I thought he just liked young boys?"
She snorted.
"He fucks everything that you can fuck." she whispered cold. "And now he will put all his energy on you."

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